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    Maybe have a read below.

    This was a fix for s905 chip boxes with oriental U-Boot Android Firmware.

    It may explain your issue being what was previously occurring to other hardware.

    Link #1

    Thanks, I think this is the problem.... I'm going to get a M-M USB cable and see if I can fix it.

    Lots of people seem to have this issue from my google searches, most said they just live with it.


    I can't power on my Docooler M9S 2/16GB with the remote, but the remote functions normally after I force a power up (even the power button works to shut down, just won't power it up again).

    I tried different remote configs, even tried making a new remote config (with instructions in another post). There is only one device tree that works with this box, the others won't boot.

    I've done 9.0 on 4 different boxes, this was the only one I went straight from Android to Libreelec 9.0. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?