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    sorry, thats my system:

    CPU: Celeron G1820

    Mobo: Asus Q87T (with latest uefi)

    Internal CEC-Adaptor (FW v9)

    Sound and video both used fromCPU.

    TV: Panasonic TX-50ASW654

    AVR: Onkyo TX-SR444

    HTPC connected to AVR connected to TV (HDMI)


    just upgraded to 902, now the sound is gone and Kodi shows a red mute icon in the upper right corner.

    Found some suggestions via google, but nothing is working:

    -unmute via kore, nothing happens

    -unmute via webif, nothing happens

    -F8 or + key, actually the AVR does something (OSD), but no sound from kodi

    -restart HTPC, no change

    -power off TV & AVR and disconnect from power, no change

    -replug HDMI cable, no change

    -switch sound device, no change (but AVR "clicks")

    Sound is working from different source on the AVR, so definetly a problem with Kodi.

    Also sound was fine right before the upgrade.

    Is there anything else i can test before burning anything?



    The only issue is that if you use kodi GUI (change between menus or something like that when having a tv channel tunned) it get a little stucked, tv fps reduce and kodi gui moves really slow, my raspberry shows an average of 15% of cpu use for 4 cores and also a 15% of ram used, could be something wrong?


    as far as i know on the pi there is an fps-lock for gui rendering while playback.
    i am experiencing the same with my pi 2, but on my HTPC (Haswell based) anything is smooth.

    @topic: first, thank you for your work.
    Digital Devices Cine C/T v6 is working with your build, but on some channels i got playback problems.
    i already know that the cable connection is not the best here, mybe the crazycat drivers are not yet handling "bad signal situations" as good as the dd-drivers?
    we will check the connection with special equipment and maybe i will blame my provider.


    5ghz is working with OpenELEC 6.0.3 on the same pi with same psu (at the same position).
    On LibreELEC it shows 2,4ghz networks, so i think the adapter is recognized. but i will check out with lsusb and dmesg.


    I am using an raspberry pi 2 as LiveTV streaming client, currently running OpenELEC 6.0.3. I just tested out LibreELEC 7.0.2, but it does only recognize 2,4ghz networks from the neighborhood and not my 5ghz network. Unfortunately 2,4ghz is unusable here for streaming. (Found over 140 networks with Vistumbler without leaving my home... )
    is this a known issue, maybe 5ghz is not supported yet? is there anything i can test out without any programming skills?

    USB-Dongle: CSL AC450 with Realtek RTL8811 chipset
    Access Point: Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro with latest firmware

    thank you for your help.