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    Think the word "frontend" says it all ;-)

    What I meant I didn't realize, at first, that retroarch is not just frontend, it's also acts as a backend with the core system.

    Quote from escalade

    Regarding sound, if you create an asound.conf then any ALSA application will use the same device you specify there.

    There's an option what to use for retroarch in the configuration file. In my case the driver was other then ALSA. I'm assuming this is related to the issue pointed by 5schatten .

    escalade  5schatten do you guys mind to share yours /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg

    Also side question. Do you guys know by the chance why Game Genie cheats are now working for NES? Is this something related to QuickNES?

    Ok, finally I managed to get it work. Mine /storage/.config/retroarch/autoconfig was empty. Fixed by switching to retroarch frontend -> applying Update Joypad Profiles from Online Updater.

    escalade , few question if you don't mind

    I'm wondering, why do you use emulationstation frontend by default and not retroarch frontend in the build? At the end you still call retroarch backends (core system) to emulate some rom. Is this just a matter of preference or there are more features emulationstation gives?

    I see there's a note related to sound not working - how to fix /storage/.config/asound.conf, tho nothing written concerning the retroarch configuration itself /storage/.config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg. Might be good idea to add some tips to the manual.

    Also it would be cool to have some information at the manual page about how to add additional configs for gamepads. Since the build using emulationstation it would be cool to mention that emulator-frontend.conf should be modified to change frontend and starting from retroarch frontend there's an option of online update.

    It's very confusing for a person who don't know anything about how this emulators works. I spent like an hour to understand why the heck there is a retroarch process running while I was using emulationstation frontend :D

    forgot to mention I'm using LE8 "Remix" devel-20180823 , was able to figure out the missing sound issue, retroarch.cfg was messed up, wrong value for audio_device and audio_driver . still trying figure out why gamepad is not working, coming closer :)

    1. [INFO] [Autoconf]: no profiles found for Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (1118/654).


    I have some issues with RetroArch/Emulationstation, never tried that before.

    The first issue is related to a sound. I have my asound.conf in place and I'm able to hear some noice when I'm executing speaker-test , also aplay works fine. Tho no sound from RetroArch. What I'm missing?

    The second issue is my gamepad does not work with RetroArch. It works with kodi tho. I have following:

    1. XMediaCenter:~/.config/emulationstation # dmesg |grep -i microsoft
    2. [36852.758551] input: Microsoft X-Box 360 pad as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb1/1-1/1-1:1.0/input/input18
    3. XMediaCenter:~/.config/emulationstation # lsusb |grep -i microsoft
    4. Bus 001 Device 005: ID 045e:028e Microsoft Corp. Xbox360 Controller

    es_log.txt was showing me this:

    1. lvl2: Added unconfigured joystick Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (GUID: 030000005e0400008e02000014010000, instance ID: 1, device index: 0).
    2. lvl2: req sound [basic.launch]
    3. lvl2: (missing)
    4. lvl2: Attempting to launch game...
    5. lvl2: /usr/bin/retroarch.start -L /tmp/cores/ /storage/roms/nes/Battletoads\ Double\ Dragon\ \(U\).zip
    6. lvl2: Creating surface...
    7. lvl2: Created window successfully.
    8. lvl2: Added unconfigured joystick Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (GUID: 030000005e0400008e02000014010000, instance ID: 2, device index: 0).
    9. lvl2: Added unconfigured joystick Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (GUID: 030000005e0400008e02000014010000, instance ID: 2, device index: 0).
    10. lvl2: EmulationStation cleanly shutting down.

    So what I've added the configuration to es_input.cfg from here.

    Now I can see lvl2: Added known joystick Microsoft X-Box 360 pad (instance ID: 0, device index: 0) but still it's not working in a game and I keep seeing yellow sign Microsoft X-Box 360 Pad (1118/654) not configured .

    Will appreciate any help. Thanks



    XBMC_USER_HOME = os.environ.get('XBMC_USER_HOME', '/storage/.kodi')

    I have a lot of stuff that I don't want to backup in /storage/.kodi/addons , but I've got the point, just going to use custom script + cron to backup.

    p.s. I'm also trying to fix this bug, I was able to reproduce and confirm that it's a bug. Something wrong with get_folder_size() function. The function bumps self.total_backup_size to a really high number, in my case it's 140744620679740 which is about 140TB . Will create a PR with fix for this

    hmm, will dig how that works, weird tho, seems everything is ok

    Hey, I'm trying to understand why I'm getting: "There is not enough free storage space to continue!" . It was working before I started to use docker, not sure if this is related.

    I'm trying to backup to /var/media/xstorage, I have almost 5TB free what is more then enough. Will appreciate any help

    For those who can't wait until it will be fixed (like me) I made a nasty hack:

    At the path "/storage" create a new directory with any name (example: fonthack) . Inside the directory create a file (for example and copy content from above to the file and run following command

    1. chmod +x

    I've attached dependencies to this post:

    1. mkfontscale

    You need to put these 3 files to your new folder (in example above it's fonthack) .

    You need to run the file (example: every time when new fonts uploaded to /storage/.kodi/media/Fonts or Kodi's hardware was rebooted.

    If everything went ok, you should see following:

    1. LibreELEC:~/fonthack # ./
    2. [x] Making a copy of system fonts
    3. [x] Making an index of font files
    4. [x] Attaching Kodi's fonts to system
    5. [x] Done

    That's it. You don't need to restart Kodi or anything else. Should work right away. If you was watching movie while doing this, stop the movie and play again. Cheers



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