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    Try to set the downloads folder for subs from "with video" to a folder on your sd card. I made a folder "subs" and set this on in settings as standard save point for the subs. This workaround works for me, since a solution is coming.



    Thanks! I thought of it.. I also thought that if the subtitles go into a different shared folder that the folder where the video file is located it would work but it doesn't.

    I've been testing Emby (I thought maybe it would be different) but with the emby addon set to "native" same exact bug with external subtitles.

    I guess I'll have to move all the subtitles out of the shares for now.

    Good call frequenzy !

    I was mounting them via Kodi.

    I tried mounting via LE instead and no more crashing! Not ideal, but I can totally live with it.

    vinbot3000 I have a question regarding this fix. I originally created my library on my pc (kodi) then for my S905X and S912 I use pathsubstitution so they go look for the sources on my PC. Does this mean that I have to recreate the library using the S912 machine? Thanks in advance!

    Good finding vinbot3000! I just reproduced the bug with a tv show with srt subtitles..

    Sholander do you also have a mysql library? (I noticed in the log from vinbot3000 that he uses mysql library). Maybe the problem only happens for mysql libraries?

    c_g_f -- I have the same problem.

    Also manifests itself when playing certain videos (immediately upon pressing play). I tried what zonly1 suggested, but that didn't help. It isn't a full reboot, just a restart of Kodi.

    Crash log attached. Hopefully it can tell somebody, something.

    I just tried with another skin (Confluence) and it's the same. I installed 8.2.4.subtitles-ff image and it's also there. I'll do a clean install in another sd card and try again. I'll send the logs later.

    Hi wrxtasy! first of all, many thanks for this update! My Minix Neo U9-H has been sitting in a corner for months (due to the subtitles bug).

    I've copied the image along with the dtb file specific for the Minix into a sd card and it installed fine. I used this guide ([HOWTO] Boot from SD card, use internal memory for data) to put the data on the internal memory, then I changed a few other settings and rebooted.

    I copied advancedsettings.xml (I have around 1k movies in mysql library).Then I tested a few files, all good, no stutter. Very happy!

    Then I was just navigating my movies (scrolling down fast) the fanarts would appear quickly but then kodi restarted. It also restarts when I change the viewtype quickly. The bug is reproducible

    At first I thought that maybe this dtb was not compatible with my mmc memory so I put the data back on the sd card and I have more or less the same results. Now that I think of it could still be the dtb file, but which one should I try.

    Thanks again for your work. If some body has the same issue please report it.

    For now there is only solution replace S912 box with S905 box.

    I'm seriously considering this too, I bought the U9 because it had it all (autoswitch 1080p 4K, HDR, Atmos passthrough, Gigabit Ethernet).

    I don't have a 4K HDR tv yet but I've just got an atmos receiver.. so for now the only thing I really need is passthrough of atmos, dts:x but I wanted a future proof box. I guess I'll just be patient. Dont think any other box has it all...

    I will submit a log later or tomorrow.. I find very strange that PGS subtitles don't have this issue.. Maybe I will help..

    As stated here: [BUG] Frame skips caused by forced subtitles the bug won't be fixed in Krypton. We can hope that Leia will be better in that regard.

    I've been using Krypton with srt subtitles on RPi1, RPi3 and Cubox without a problem. Maybe there are jumps sometimes but it's rare. But with Minix U9 they're always there.

    I've also noticed that sometimes when you press "O" for info, the same problem occurs. I wonder if the theme overlay is the responsible. I will test with another theme this evening and let you know.

    Can someone recommend another 4K HDR box capable of passthrough Atmos? Vero 4K?


    Hi! This is my first post in the forum..

    I've just got a Minix U9-H to replace my RPi3 in the living room because I'm getting a Atmos receiver and later a 4k tv and I needed passthrough.

    So far I'm very impressed with the capabilities of the device... there is just this subtitles problem. I've been testing this today:

    1. In my case: every x264 encode has the issue, with srt or sub/idx. Sometimes is very noticeable, sometimes is very subtle, ... but it's always there.

    2. It gets better with "sync display" but it's still there.

    3. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+O brings the advanced codec info.. and this gets rid of the problem somehow.

    4. I downloaded a x265 4k movie with PGS subtitles, no problem at all.. downloaded srt subtitles for this same movie -> problem

    I don't think I have noticed this with my RPi3.. besides the first 2 seconds when you activate the subtitle..

    The logs don't recognize this as a drop frame. It looks more like a buffering problem.. sometimes looks like frame drops and sometimes looks like a very quick acceleration..

    Why doesn't it happen with PGS subtitles?.. why does it stop when we press Crtl+Shift+O?

    I hope kszaq can help.. let me know if I can help somehow..