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    jellyfish-140-mbps-4k-uhd-hevc-10bit.mkv on my NEXBOX ultra cheap box. Note: the media must be local as the ethernet will not keep up.

    That's interesting.
    I can play perfectly only the jellyfish-30-mpbs-hevc.mkv and jellyfish-110-mbps-h264.mkv but not the higher bandwidth files without stuttering.
    I play the files from USB HDD (WD 2TB).
    What could be the reason?

    Tested 4k output and it worked. (It was only the bottom left quarter in the 002 version).
    CEC works fine.
    No PCM multichannel PT.
    No AAC multichannel PT, even Kodi freezes and restarts if I try to play one.
    No DD+ PT
    H264 plays fine until 90-100 Mbps some sample video like Taipei fireworks 100Mbps stops frequently
    HEVC and HEVC 10 bit plays very badly (stops every 2seconds)