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    We all need to take a deep breath and recite "fcuk off Adam" a few times (genuflecting optional) and hope that Smurfette can find something more productive to do with "her" time.

    This shows a non inclusive behavior from your part. Technical limitations and strategic/political decisions apart, this type of messages don't help the community (or communities) to get a long.

    Being an outsider, and have only followed up the story via forum posts, I personally don't see the need to send someone f* up.

    It's offensive and it shows a utter lack of respect for the next.

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    Panfrost has memleaks, graphical glitches, and no proper kernel driver or 32-bit userspace support so we are still a long (long) way from having something generally usable. It's still rather awesome to see mainline (everything) on an S912 board though :)

    Simply amazing! Congrats to all involved! This is definitely a major milestone! Really cools to see that these devices won't be going to the garbage bin so soon!

    All the luck in the World!

    Kudos to the Panfrost team (Alyssa and Lyude)!!!


    I'm getting good results now with an overclocked S912 GPU and new GPU drivers and tweaks that went into my S912 LE Krypton Subtitles fix release.

    For example I can now playback 1080p 11Mbps 10bit H264 aka Hi10P Anime - that uses CPU software decoding. This is the same software decoding that AML Kodi Leia uses with the Netflix Addon. I've done further testing with other 1080p H264 CPU software decoded content and it plays back fine.

    I now strongly suspect 1080p Netflix and 1080p Amazon Video - Kodi Leia - H264 streaming may work on a AML S912 when using software decoding. :)

    Could you please share some info on how to do it? I have a Bee Link GT1 with the latest libreelec devel (LibreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-devel-1523018311.tar).

    Also, what are your advancedsettings.xml?



    With all due respect, if one takes a little bit of time to read the first paragraph of this post, he/she will notice the following statement:

    "These are unofficial, community supported builds so please post all bugs/issues in this forum area only."

    If some "potential partners" got confused by the appearance of a community build, in a forum... well... that takes the "partner" meaning to a whole other level :)

    As for the Pi, I had a couple of them and have gave up, due to their common limitations. After searching for an Android Box that would allow me to support Netflix and Emby (legal BR Rips), I chose AMLogic.

    When I found out that I had the possibility to run Kodi + Emby Add-On and Adaptive Inputstream, properly, instead of using a poorly optimized OS (damn I hate Android and every other vendor that does crappy firmware [Beelink... I'm looking at you!]) I was super happy and even with the current lack of support from AMLogic (lack of libs), I was happy. And by the looks of it, everyone else in this sub-forum/posts where super happy and thankful.

    GDPR-2 and afl1 Thank you for all your hard work and willingness to offer others more options to run their prefered setup! I wish you all the best. Happy New Year :)

    Personally, a big thank you also to LibreELEC (I've been around since the very beginning of OpenELEC and Pi). But from what I see, this is going on a direction that I don't reflect myself.

    Gone. Apple and MRMC, here I come!



    I uploaded in #1 LE 8.90.8-1-K versions with fix for volume label issue.

    I can confirm that the volume label issue is gone :) Thanks!

    As for Netflix performance. It's definitely a huge improvement! A decent resolution and bitrate stream can now play almost normally. There is micro stutters, but nothing like before (huge cuts/hangs).

    One thing that it's not working properly in this build is my remote (Beelink GT1). Any hints on how to troubleshoot or make it work?



    afl1 Recently I have developed an improvement for libhybris and updated libMali to r16p0 from Android Nougat. I did some tests with Krypton and software-decoded videos are much smoother than with r11p0. I haven't included the improvement in my builds yet but you can cherry-pick to Leia:

    curl -sL | git am

    I've tested the new updates and it does seem to have improved, but I still can't get past over 480p without heavy stutter. And even in 480p resolutions bitrate can't be over values that remove the "blockiness".

    We're getting there!! I'll do more tests and report.

    A big Thank You for all the hard work you put in libreelec for S912!!

    And thanks also to afl1 :)

    I assume your question is about video playback acceleration? GPU has nothing to do with it, video playback can be accelerated by VPU. And Netflix cannot be accelerated because there is no DRM support for HW decoding in Linux.

    Hi kszaq,

    Got it :) Nevertheless, we can do it via SW decode, albeit with limited resolution and bitrate.

    In my understanding, the limitation as of now, specifically in the S912 case, is that we lack the proper Linux libmali libraries. As a workaround, at the moment, we use libhybris and Android gralloc, which in turn requires a kind of "emulation" layer to do things like buffer allocation, etc. And this is why we lack proper OpenGL performance.

    So, my question was/is really around the future (if any) of You said that Amlogic is never going to release the needed user-space binary drivers. So what are really the viable options for the future? A complete open-source stack, ala Nouveau?

    Thanks again for your hardwork and attention :)

    New version in #1 with improved timing for hw decoding.

    Subtitle issue still persist for dvd/bd subtitles. For text subtitles (.srt, .sub, ...) I didn't find any issue. Pls report your experiences only with kodi debug log.

    My monitor is able only 4k 30fps. Pls, report playback stability for output 4K on monitors or TVs capable 4k fps>30.

    New release works great :) It even corrected the "extlinux.conf" message during boot.

    Really appreciate your efforts!



    p.s. Where can one read/get more info regarding the Mali libs to have GPU acceleration in Apps like Netflix?

    Hi all,

    Just installed the latest version in my GT1 (S912, 2GB, 1Gb LAN) and almost everything is working just fine :)

    The only observable issues that I found are:

    1. During startup there's a warning regarding "extlinux.conf" and it takes an extra 60 seconds to actually start the box

    2. CEC is not working with my TV (it worked with other boxes)

    Any hints on the above issues?