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    kszaq, is there an easy way to enable the Suspend feature through the

    I saw you disabled the Suspend recently and I understand the reason why you did that. But for me, the Suspend (via CEC) works perfectly and I need it since my box has a bright power light, it bothers me while I'm sleeping in the bedroom after turn off the TV but the box no longer goes to 'Sleep'.

    I know I can change the CEC settings to let the box to 'Shutdown' and it did. The problem is the startup takes longer time, and TV no longer turns on during the box startup.

    Seems I couldn't find a way to edit the configure file /usr/lib/systemd/sleep.conf.d/sleep.conf.


    Save the remote.conf and reboot your box. Factory code is set.

    You do not have to reboot your box after made any changes for remote.conf.
    You can use this command to make the changes work immediately (presumably you are in the /storage/.config folder):

    remotecfg remote.conf


    My DVD remote generates double factory code - digits section for tv and playback section for dvd.
    Is there a way to make it work with two codes in one config?

    If your box is amlogic, then I have a HowTo to set two remotes (in terms of the factory_code) to work simultaneously.


    I do not have boxes beside amlogic chips so I can't test it for other boxes, but you can give it a try, no harm.

    kszaq, thanks for implementing the remotesecond.conf support.

    I've tested it works only if remote.conf exists as well in the /storage/.config folder. I was hopping that only dropping in the remotesecond.conf into the .config folder and works.

    Nice find! I will look into integrating this into remote config loading script.

    Thanks kszaq, that would be great!
    This is my LGTV remotesecond.conf file:

    This is used as CEC enabled. It only remapped few buttons since most of them already works through CEC.
    - Exit now is mapped as 'Home', it was acting the same as 'Return'
    - Red is assigned as 'ContextMenu'
    - Green is 'o' to bring up codec when play videos
    - Yellow now can take screenshot which is saved in /storage/screenshots
    - Blue is 'L' to switch 'Subtitles'

    Amlogic supports the second remote and use them at the same time, but LibreELEC ignores the remotesecond.conf file in the .config folder.

    Here is the hack:


    I have Mini MX-G box running kszaq's build. The stock remote works fine, as well as my LG TV remote via CEC.

    One small issue was, in my case, some buttons on the TV's remote are not recognized such as, Red, Green, Yellow and Blue, also some of those most used keys (ContextMenu, Codec etc.) are not available there.

    I can remap my TV's remote with a new remote.conf (many posts for that) and it works alone nicely, but the stock remote no longer works with this setup.

    What I would like is that both remote controllers work at the same time.Using two remote controllers at the same time


    After checked AmLogic's remote config document and I found this option:

    factory_infcode = 1

    According to the document, the 2nd config file should be named as remotesecond.conf, and with factory_infcode=1 in it.
    I modified my TV's remote config file, name it to remotesecond.conf and put it into /storage/.config, reboot the box ...
    No, it doesn't work. LibreELEC simply ignores the file.

    Interestingly, after I manually run 'remotecfg remotesecond.conf', both remotes work beautifully. Great!

    So I just put the command into, reboot box, boom everything works. Make sure your is executable.

    (/usr/bin/remotecfg /storage/.config/remotesecond.conf)&

    The screen is black when the box is trying to play the next video file after finished the first one if Auto Play Next Video is ON, and
    - The files are MOV (from Cannon DSLR camera, Quicktime format?)
    - Files are on a local/NAS drive
    - There is no OSD menu

    Tested the same files with Kodi 17.0 final on Andriod (Same box), the Auto Play Next Video feature works fine.

    I've upgraded this beta2 build on my MXQ seems fine. I only noticed that the screen is black when it is trying to play the 2nd video from a folder which contains multiple files if the "Play next video automatically" is enabled.

    But the 2nd video plays fine if OSD is on.

    Hi Kszaq,

    Thanks for the S905 LE build, I've tried it on SD card with my miniMX-2G, everything works great except the internet content streaming.

    I've noticed that it is very slow on starting of the online content streaming, but once it is started to play then everything seems just fine. This includes Youtube, Vimeo, internet radio etc, in fact anything from the Internet. The content (video or Audio) loading would take like 10 to 15 sec. There is also a long gap (loading next) between titles if playing from the playlist, such as Youtube playlist.

    The slowness I've noticed starts all OE/LE builds which have Kodi 16.x integrated. Kodi 15.x on OE/LE hasn't got this issue. Kodi 16.x on Android (same box) hasn't have this either. They all start almost immediately, like 1-2 sec.

    I've attached the debug log here, could you please have a look to see anything can be improved, thanks!