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    Yes to all your questions.

    Here is my cheat sheet that I use to mount my Synology NAS media folders onto LibreELEC. It only takes me a few minutes to setup my tvheadend DVR server using this method of mounting my NAS shares. I do have have NAS set up as NFS shares. You obviously will have you user you IP address, and folder names.

    The easy way to mount NAS,
    1. open windows explorer, go to openELEC in network directory
    2. copy "" file into the root of configfiles directory.
    3. go to system.d folder from Configfiles folder.
    4. copy and paste storage-myrecordings.mount
    5. copy and paste storage-recordings.mount

    6. reboot OpenELEC box.
    7. open putty and paste this into the root of OpenELEC.
    systemctl >> systemctl enable storage-myrecordings.mount

    8. Under the recording profile in the web browser use this for the recording path

    all there is to it.
    all is, is a text file with this code.
    mount -t nfs /storage/myrecordings -o rw,nolock

    echo 0 > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/cec_config

    all the storage-myrecordings.mount is, is a text file with this

    Description=test nfs mount

    #enter in the share and place it will mount to


    OK i am a little confused. I was doing some research and was thinking of getting HDHomerun to watch Live TV on my L.E. Kodi. When I installed the TVHeadend PVR Addon in the LibreElec Repo, I fouind I was unable to connect to the embedded website.

    Now I started to think that the tvheadend itself is a separate install on a third server for the Backend, but I had read somewhere that LibreElec comes with the TVH backend already, So I am not sure what exactly to think.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Try this for the tvheadend server setup on your LibreELEC device.

    External Content
    Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    This should be a setting in tvheadend. Check to make sure that you have unchecked "update channel name" on the CONFIGURATION > CHANNEL/EPG > EPG GRABBER tab. Then go to the CONFIGURATION > CHANNEL/EPG > CHANNELS tab and change the name of the channel there. You don't want to change the name in the filter.cfg as that always references the data that is on the downloaded guide. You just want to change what is displayed in the kodi interface - which is read from the tvheadend epg.

    Hope that helps - and thanks for the feedback!

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!, that worked, I have been tinkering all morning with this stupid name thingy. Now another problem, when I change the name in the CHANNELS tab, I lose the EPG source, every time I change a channel name. I have to edit a second time to set the EPG source again.

    edit4ever, I am struggling modifying the channel name. Example, my channel 2.4 shows WJBKDT4, I want to have it show "H&I". I can get it to change temporarily, but reboot my device it reverts back to the WJBKDT4. I have even edited the "Channels will now be saved to a file called filter.cfg in the addon userdata folder - this text file can be manually edited if desired", but still does not work.....

    Anyway, thanks for this fantastic add-on.

    Edit: I even tried to edit the xmltv.xml file, but that did not help either........ arggggggg!!!!!, actually, it is not a big deal, I JUST want it to show the channel names.......

    Just updated to your latest version, 8.0.0f so I could test the channel changing times. Using the prior version, the live TV channel changing took around 2 to 3 seconds, now it is instantaneous.
    I am using my $40 Beelink Mini MX 3 (Amlogic S905) running your latest version, with tvheadend DVR server running on this same device. So, my TV server and client are both running on this $40 TV box.

    My TV signal is from an antenna mounted on the roof, collecting the ATSC signal and passing it on to my HDHomeRun OTA networked tuners.

    Everything else seems to be working perfectly.


    Edit: Just a side note, the video quality is just outstanding, and I get Dolby Digital surround sound from my HD TV channels.

    Edit 2: Closed Captions work, but have to select each time I change channel, this has been a problem with Kodi for a very long time. Doubt, you can do anything about it, but it can not be set to be enabled permanently, again this is a Kodi problem, not your LibreELEC port.
    Edit 3: Closed Captions ENABLED IS the default now, have no idea how, but it now works. Even when I do an update, it still shows the closed captions while playing live TV......... AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    There must be a strange character in your lineup name. I probably need to look at how the encoding is done as that shouldn't cause a problem. I haven't worked on the schedules direct addon in awhile - you may want to check out my last version which included the ability to set lineups and channel filters: thread-3715-post-27764.html#pid27764

    If you want to test that version - you can let me know if you have the same error. If your system is working for now - you may not want to be a guinea pig! :)

    Per your latest information, I am running the latest LibreELEC version on my Beelink MiniMX 3 (S905) (LibreELEC 8.0 (Kodi 17 Krypton) ) and your latest SD2xmltv addon. It is working perfectly....

    Edit: I was mistaken, I am using an older version of your SD2xmltv addon. I had your newer version installed for awhile, but had to re-do my SD card, so did not go back to your newest addon. Will be testing it now.

    Edit 2: Installed your newest SD version and it is working very well. Now have thumb nails for all the channels.... AWESOME!!

    Thanks for the reply, Edit.

    You bet! Don't foget after you set the channels to go back and change the number of days downloaded! ;)

    Looks like there's still some work to do on the hdhomerun channel filter. Unfortunately, I won't be able to test that.

    Hello, Edit, I saw in your post, that you have the dual ATSC tuner box, Geniatech ATV1950A . How do you like it? Also, I can't find it anywhere, even Geniatech's website does not list a place to purchase.

    Been awhile since I have had a reason to check this forum. I have been using my MK808B Plus for a couple of years as my tvheadend server and it has been working well. Today, thought I would retire my old server and install tvheadend on my Beelink Mini MX 3 (Amlogic S905), and everything installed well. The only problem I am having is do to the cec aspect. Every time I turn off my system (AVR and TV), my Beelink turns off.

    I am running LibreELEC version I have turned off the CEC by going into system -> input devices -> peripherals, and changed different settings in the CEC adapter configuration screen, but nothing helps.

    Any ideas on what I can do to keep my Beelink from turning off?? Since I am using it as a DVR, it has to be running 24/7.

    My Beelink feeds into my Denon AVR and from the AVR to my newer Samsung TV. I have the CEC disabled in both the TV and AVR.

    Thanks in advance.

    Been using my $30 MK808B Plus running Kszaq's OpenELEC, now LibreELEC as my tvheandend DVR server. Got my Beelink Mini MXIII three or four weeks ago, but only used it a couple of days. Thought I would give this OS a try and see how it performs as a tvheadend backend.

    First I tried it using the microSD card, but it was too slow, so I installed your OS directly on the internal memory. Anyway, I made a video on how I set it up to use as my DVR backend.

    How to install tvheadend server.