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    I couldn't find this exact problem in the forums. I've been using Kodi 9.2.4/Leia 18.8 with the Rapier skin for some time with no issues. I switched over to the Chroma skin, and now when I try to go to Videos/Movies/Tags, I no longer get a list of my custom tags. Instead it gives a list of all my movies, sorted into three groups according to my three library nodes, and sorted alphabetically within the groups. If I play around with right clicking on movies and hitting the Back button, it will sometimes bring up the New tag/tag listing screen, but I can't always reproduce that. I have about 6 custom tags that I've tagged a small number of movies with. I have "Use tags" enabled in Library Settings. I haven't created any TV Show tags, and when I go to Videos/TV Shows/Tags, the empty screen with the "New tags" option comes up fine. Anyhow, just wondered if this is known bug of some kind, or whether I'm missing some setting or something. I'm using Kodi on an ASUS Chromebox

    Yes, everything is removed from the Whitelist. When I enable the video's native resolution in the Whitelist (720x480p) the problem goes away and video is smooth, but then I don't get any upscaling. Like I said, I've tried practically every combination of video and display settings in Kodi, but nothing works. It's obviously something that's gotten broken or changed in Leia

    GUI refresh rate is 60

    I've ripped my entire DVD and Blu Ray collection (200 movies) with Handbrake using the original frame rate setting. In Kodi, Adjust Display Refresh Rate is enabled, and all HD resolutions are enabled in the Whitelist. I'm only interested in ripping movies at their original fps. Everything worked great in Kodi Krypton and previous, videos played silky smooth. But I've tried every version of Leia and always the movies that have an original frame rate of 60fps are dropping every other frame at least. Movies with a 24fps frame rate still play silky smooth. I've always backgraded to Krypton because after trying every conceivable combination of settings, nothing changed, but I've decided to tough it out this time with LE 9.0.2. Interestingly, I sometime borrow movies from the library which I just copy to MKV, watch and then delete. Some of these play at 30fps, which is a little easier to watch, but still with noticeable judder.

    I've read this thread and have exactly the same issue on Libreelec 9.0.2 on an Asus Chromebox. Specs -

    1.4 GHz Intel Celeron 2955U Processor


    Intel HD graphics

    Everything worked fine with 8.2.5, but when I upgraded on the weekend many of my SD files ripped from my DVD library now stutter if fps is 60. All videos at 24fps work fine, which is most of my HD Blu ray rips. Like many of you, I've tried every combo of settings, whitelist entries etc with no luck. Since my Chromebox graphics card is Intel based I'm wondering if your solution would work for me but not sure how to implement

    Hey: I'm still not able to get the audio working for videos that I'm viewing in the Chrome browser, specifically on CBS All-Access, but the problem shows up everywhere else as well."Keep Audio Device Alive" is set to "Off."Hardware is an ASUS Chromebox CN60 Model M075U, Intel Core i3 4010U / 1.7 GHz, 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 16 GB M.2 SSD, standalone installation of Libreelec/Kodi 18.0 Beta, connected to Yamaha receiver, which works fine. Log file is available at

    I've removed the 29.97 and 30Hz modes from the whitelist, but now my 29.97 fps videos look really, really bad at 60Hz, as if half the frames are being dropped. All the other settings are unchanged. I don't know what the original source frame rate was for this video. Has something been changed with the Leia upgrade? This was all working fine in Krypton.

    OK, so I'm still baffled by what's going on. I have the Whitelist set for the TV's refresh rates, Adjust Display Refresh Rate is set to On Start/Stop, Sync Playback to Display is set to Off, Hardware Acceleration is disabled, Audio offset is -0.05s.The Kodi player is matching the TV refresh rate to the video fps as it should. Videos are playing smoothly at 23.98 fps, but videos with 29.97 fps frame rate are still jerky, even though the TV is verifiably set to 29.97Hz. However, here is the more baffling thing: if I force 23.98Hz resolution, then the 29.97 fps videos play absolutely smoothly, with Sync Playback to Display still set to Off (and I have a VERY critical eye - there is no judder at all). I don't get what's going on. So now I just leave everything set to a forced resolution of 23.98Hz, which is great for movies, but not so great for the interface. Log file is available at; hardware details above. Thanks for any help

    I've been using Kodi Krypton with no issues, but when I upgraded to Leia (manual upgrade from Libreelec) my audio stopped working for GUI sounds as well as the Chromium browser. I've tried every combination of audio settings I can think of within Kodi, but no success. Hardware is an ASUS Chromebox CN60 Model M075U, Intel Core i3 4010U / 1.7 GHz, 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 16 GB M.2 SSD, two 1TB 2.5 inch mechanical HD attached to USB ports, standalone installation of Libreelec. The Libreelec Chromebox is is connected to an LG TV via HDMI and the TV's digital audio out is connected to a Yamaha HTR-5640. The TV supports passthrough of Dolby Digital and DTS surround, and that setup still works flawlessly. Skin is Rapier. I've checked the forums, but haven't found anything similar. The link to my log file is:

    Hardware is an ASUS Chromebox CN60 Model M075U, Intel Core i3 4010U / 1.7 GHz, 4GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 16 GB M.2 SSD, two 1TB 2.5 inch mechanical HD attached to USB ports, standalone installation of Libreelec. Movie files are stored on the USB drives and an another Windows PC connected via network. I get an error trying to upload the log file from my Windows 10 desktop. Still working on that.

    I've just upgraded to Libreelec 8.9/Kodi 18 and Kodi seems to have suddenly lost the ability to determine the frame rate of the videos I'm playing. Adjust Display Refresh Rate is set to On Start/Stop and Sync Playback to Display is set to off, which is the way I've always had it set. Kodi's refresh rate is set to 60Hz and Kodi has always been able to set my TV's refresh rate to match the video frame rate. However, I suddenly noticed jerkiness in the playback of most videos and the TV is reporting it is always at 60Hz. When I manually set Kodi's refresh rate to match the video, Kodi sets the TV's refresh rate properly and video playback is smooth. Any idea what's going on? Thanks

    I just found the Chromium add-on, but it constantly crashes to an "Aw snap" error message when I attempt to play videos. The most recent posts I can find on this topic are a year or two out of date, so I'm just wondering if there's been any progress in addressing this issue. I'm more interested in being able to just install a working add-on, but I'd be willing to try any other workarounds available. I'm using the most recent stable version of Libreelec/Krypton on an ASUS Chromebox with 4 GB RAM. Thanks