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    Hi, I'm using LE box as home server, some file sharing, I also use HTSP client on my mobile to watch live tv from DVB-T tuner attached, so basically I don't want LE box to be turned off at all.

    I wonder if there is some way to assign custom script or function to power button. only thing it should do is stop all playback and turn hdmi output off (alternatively turn on black screen screensaver). on another power button push it should resume the playback (preferably TV stream as when you turn on the kodi from suspend).

    at the moment I stop playback and turn off TV, and then girlfriend complains that in the morning she first turn it off and then she has to turn it on. for me it would be also more convenient.

    the thing is your speakers should autoconnect, when paired, and with bluetooth audio switcher addon should switch output from alsa to pulse. I had noname headphones (bt4) that autoconnected to LE, using usb bt2.1 dongle. Now I upgraded headphones to sony bt5 and even they are paired, they won't autocnnect. I don't understand logic behind this autoconnect of bt device and if I should or could do anything to fix this. Same as you, I need to connect manually first, then output is switched by bt audio switcher addon.

    Hi, I have specific thoughts and did want to test them. I came across interresting article dealing with running headless virtualbox in docker container, which would run virtual machine and one would just log in with RDP cappability of virtualbox to the running virtual machine. So I was going through steps of the article built up container. however there is this particular step, where one needs to copy virtualbox drivers to host and install them there with a virtualbox script. I understand and I already know what you tell me, that libreelec is supposedly like this.

    step 6: I got message that /usr/lib and /usr/share are R/O, is there a way to get the /usr/lib/virtualbox and usr/share/virtualbox from container to host?

    step 9: shell script that installs virtualbox drivers at host won't run.

    VirtualBox Meets Docker | CB Technologies

    I know that you want to create stable version of libreelec, but I'd really appreciate some unsupported version of libreelec that would contain package manager, "unlocked" system folders and so on. ubuntu, lubuntu and everything else isn't solution for me, I need as thin as possible installation. some compromise was kodibuntu they stopped developing and I can't even find any working ISO.

    I have beefy HTPC. I wonder if it's possible to install some virtualization hypervisor (e.g. KVM) as well as any type of NAS/NFS for file sharing over local network on Libreelec, so I don't need to add another machine or buying standalone NAS that can do that, or should I consider some Linux distro and install Kodi, KVM, NFS server...


    Hello, I read few threads and searched internet for similar issue, but none of the solutions, if existed, helped.

    My issue is: I have got "noname" ConnectIT BT headphones, I have got Hama BT USB dongle and ACER REVO RL70 (AMD Zacate version).

    With this setup, the sound in BT headphones is delayed/lags. even the GUI sounds lags, it seems to me like every GUI sound is sent to BT headphones separately.

    Then when I run some music video, or movie, the sound is delayed. It catches up eventually (in few minutes), but after each pause/rewind/fast forward the lag is there.

    I turned off the REVO's builtin WIFI, I removed WIFI USB dongle of my keyboard kit, most common issues I saw people had, but the lag is still there.

    Anyone having same issue? Anyone not having same issue? Please state your exact config.

    To point out, I don't believe that headphones are the culprit, as with Android TV box (BT builtin) it works flawlessly.

    BTW, Is it ok, that after pairing of BT headphones everything in the BT list (in LibreElec options) doubles?