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    I am using WrXtasy's 8.2.4-subtitles-ff firmware on my H96 Pro +

    Yesterday I played a movie with TrueHD sound and noticed that the PCM conversion did not work anymore. I know 99% that after the fresh install of this firmware it was working fine.

    The TV or receiver is indicating that it is receiving a PCM file, but there is no sound.

    Of course in settings I have TrueHD an DTS HD capable dissabled.

    I saw that in the downloads there is a file.

    Is this update to fix this problem?

    Sorry I can't find anything on the forum.


    Very stupid from me, I just did put the volume in Kodi down (by accident) with the Yatse app.

    I did not notice this, so every soundtrack in Dolby 5.1 and DTS was playing fine but all PCM tracks were complete silent.

    The update "fix lost audio" made the confusion complete.

    And so you learn:blush:


    Read this thread, beginning around page 6. Maybe you find the fixed u-boot for your device here.

    Thank you very much TheChief.

    I read this thread about "U-boot", but I think it is a little bit too risky for me to do.

    When I read "at your own risk" and "brick your box" I am getting a little bit scared.

    It is also difficult to find the one and only workaround.

    I think I keep it as it is and just boot to Andoid at the end of the evening, press the red button and it is also shutdown properly;)

    using 8.2.5 i can't find a sleep.conf.sample in any folder of my x86 version. is there another way to enable hibernate mode?

    edit: oh looks like the wrong thread for this question

    is this really the solution to power down the device right from LE?

    Is this bringing the device in the same wakeup modus as when you boot to internal (Android) first and then shut off with the red button on the original remote?

    This is the way I power down now and I am looking so long for a proper solution to power off right from LE.

    I am using Wrxtasy's 8.2.4-subtitles-ff and have a H96 Pro+


    Ik tried workaround from Kszaq above.

    But it does not have any effect on powering off from LE.

    If you power off you can't boot anymore with the remote and need to off/on powersupply.

    When I Winscp to the sleep.conf.d folder again after reboot even a new sleep.conf.sample file has been created together with the modified sleep.conf file:|

    How do I get this standby modus without needing to boot to Android and power off from there:cool:


    Settings --> Player --> Videos -> Sync playback to display.

    Make sure that this is UNCHECKED.

    GREATFULL thanks the Coolest!! :thumbup::)I was looking so long for this and never would have found that this important audio-setting was located in the video-settings.

    I always thougt that sync playback to display was a crucial setting for the frameratesync, but now I see that this is only "Adjust display refresh rate" on start/stop.

    I found that in my case it is also important to disable DTS HD and True HD capable (in Audio settings) otherwise you don't have any sound at all (when playing DTS HD or True HD).

    DTS HD MA is converted to common DTS I think and True HD is converted to PCM stereo, the last is a little bit a pity, but never mind sometimes there are more soundtracks.

    I have a Logitec Z5500 connected with optical Toslink to my LG TV, still sounds fine for me

    Make sure that you don't have synchronize audio to display (or something of that sort) enabled in the Video settings.

    Sorry but I really can't find this setting in settings>system>video

    My settings are the same as you can see on page 56 post 1003 of this topic.

    This is exact the same as in my Raspberry Pi.

    But no DTS or Dolby 5.1 passthrough on my H96 Pro+

    Very strange because there are people who have this working.

    Any idea why??:cry:

    I have an LG Oled55C6V I think it is almost the same as 55OLEDB7V.

    I am using 8.2.4 Subtitles-ff

    I read very much on this topic that other people have DTS pass through working

    I have a H96 Pro+ but I can 't get it working.

    The info on TV always shows "pcm"

    I think the problem is not in the TV because with my old Raspberry Pi with OpenElec DTS passthrough was working fine.

    You can simply check this by putting the cursor on the hdmi logo

    There is a simple way to overclock GPU in CE.9.0 version, as boot2k3 kindly explained to me over PM, in order not to spam in this thread. Ask him on PM to point you in the right direction ;)

    Is there a clear noticable better video performance when I should overclock my 8.2.4 firmware to 792 MHz? I am not talking about a more snappier and quicker GUI, but better and more smooth playback from especially 4K movies?

    On 666 MHz it plays very well allready, but I wonna reach the edge8)


    I downloaded the gxm_q200_3g.dtb file again from Mega, renamed it to dtb.img and pasted it on the SD card.

    This time the H96 did boot fine:P:P:P

    I think the first time I downloaded it something went wrong, I did this with the Ipad Mega app and uploaded it to the update folder by using SMB with the filebrowser app on Ipad.

    Now I used a Windows computer just the oldfashioned way and everything is OK.

    All my previous posts are actually for nothing, sorry for bothering you.

    Indeed the GUI is more snappy now with 792 MHz.

    But, most important, is the video performance improved?

    I think that it is more smoother then before, but you must have very good eyes to notice this.

    I am very interested in experiences of other users.:cool:

    All the time I am writing about Wrxtasy's 8.2.4 Subtitles-ff.

    For half a year I have watched movies annoying with builds from Kszaq, good work, but not for subtitles srt:)

    I am very happy now, but I can't get that overclock working because dtb.img does not match with my H96 Pro+

    CoreElec and LibreElec 9.0 Devel is completely new for me, even never heart of it.

    The framedrop issue with srt subs is completely solved for me now and GUI performance does not interest me, because everything you win is eleminated by hdmi cec remote.

    I leave my box working on 666 MHz and tonight I gonna watch movies and not framedrops, tearing, motion blur etc.^^

    wrxtasy , Sholander


    I installed 8.2.4 Subtitles-ff.tar on my H96 Pro+ 1000 Mb LAN 3g

    When I use the attached device tree gxm_q200_3g.dtb my device won't boot anymore.

    When I put the old device tree back it is booting fine again.

    Video playback with srt is running like a charm now.

    But I can't overclock the GPU to 792 MHz because I have the old dtb.img file.

    I use 666 MHz but even on 400 MHz video/subtitles is playing perfect.

    Am I right that the key to this great update is adding an important VSync Hardkernel ODROID C2 patch?? and that this overclocking does not make many difference to video (movie) performance?

    I read many times that the GUI is more snapier on 792 MHz, but what about movie performance?

    I am very happy with this update allready, but still asking myself: Could it be more better when I should be able to get this 792 MHz?

    I also think when it is not really necessary, just leave it on 666 MHz, the GPU-chip would be happy with that.

    I wish I could test it on 792 MHz but the problem is the dtb.img file.X(

    I use all my external subs on an USB disk in the same folder as video, and NEVER had any issues, or misbehavior on X92 box.., your build just works perfect for me. It makes no difference playing with or without hardware decoding...

    Please read my post good, using usb with harddisk I also don't have any problem at all.

    It is only with SMB over network since I installed the 8.2.4 build.

    But never mind, I stopped using SMB and use harddisk over usb only now, works perfect.:)

    Update: just tested smb play from my old Popcorn Hour A200 to H96 and this is working fine with srt subs. I think the problem is coming from the D-link router with attached HDD. I think you better don't use this for 4K streaming.:blush:

    Btw, why do you have to use 1Gbit Lan? I use only Wlan and keep Lan off...

    My router is located very close to my TV and wired connection is always better, so why not use a simple RJ45 cable.

    Yesterday I tested speed over SMB from my computer to the H96 through network with cat 6 cable.

    This was 42 MB/sec!! I never had this speed over network before, even not with my Dune mediaplayer. As you see that Chinese stuff is not so bad at all.

    I understand that 400/666 now and it is clear that my H96 could be faster.

    I hope for a fix for the dtb.img file.

    I made that command in Putty and it shows only 666 so not 400/666

    OK I can try it with the q201 but this is actually for 100 Mbit LAN not the right intention I think.

    Why does the H96 Pro+ not boot with the original device tree from Wrxtasy??

    However it is, the movies are playing fine now with subs, using the old dtb file.

    That is really a big improvement, but is this caused by overclocking or something else??

    Maybe Wrxtasy can answer this question.

    I am very interesting in the experience of other H96 Pro+ users


    This is really awsome!! I have been waiting sooo long for an update that is fixing the subtitle framedrops. Greatfull thanks for this good work, it is the finishing touch on Kszaq's build.

    But I had a little problem:

    I put the tar and dtb file together in the update folder as written above and then reboot the device. I have a H96 pro+ 3G, 1000 Mb LAN with the firmware.

    Everything was updating fine after the device did not boot anymore, stucked with the H96 pro+ logo.

    I used 8.2.4 subtitles ff.tar and device tree gxm_q200_3g.dtb

    After I took an other SD card and made a fresh install with the same files (img.gz) of course. And again the same problem, no boot.

    Then I deleted the dtb file and pasted the old dtb file (used with back and the the device was booting perfect again.

    I could set the GPU clock to 792 Mhz in display> community extras.

    Then testing it with some critical movies and wow!! for the first time no framedrops when enable external subs.

    Sometimes the first sub is having the old evil, but after everything is playing fine and smooth, I read this before in this topic, no problem for me.

    But... why does the H96 pro+ not boot with the dtb file as you advice?

    I am happy allready but could it be more better if this adviced dtb file should work??

    The CPU temerature is various between 54 and 61C

    And clock speed is showing 1000 and sometimes 1500 Mhz

    Another issue (I solved allready) is the following:

    I did use my D-link router attached with an HDD as NAS using SMB connection.

    When I play an mkv with external subs on this way LibreElec is crashing and reboots.

    When I delete the srt file it is playing fine.

    I did not have this issue with the build.

    Then I decided to connect the HDD straight into the usb port on the H96 and then it is playing fine with external subs.

    I made this NAS construction to play movies with external subs direct on my LG TV, but now the subtitle issue is solved I don't need this anymore, so I leave it same this.:)

    Does somebody recognize this issue when playing movies with srt over NAS using SMB?

    Is there anybody who can advice me to make it more better, or can I just leave everything as it is now.:shy:

    LibreELEC "is" Kodi

    to update kodi download the newer LibreELEC version, either tar or gz.img & copy to the update folder on the device, then reboot.

    I have version 8.1.10 on my H96 Pro + now and only want to update tot the newest version with Krypton 17.6.

    I want to keep all my addons and settings.

    On my ipad I can acces the update folder by using samba on Filebrowser (LibreElec/Update)

    Do I only have to unzip the gz.img folder and copy/paste that file in the Update folder and then reboot the device?

    I even could do this on an Ipad.

    Can you downgrade on the same way?

    On android its located in /etc folder. Copy that to the configuration folder in libreelec. Job done!

    (FYI: LE isntaller also copies the remote.conf from your android to the sd card/pendrive's root folder, so normally you don't have to find it.)

    If I shutdown LE on my H96 Pro+ I can't power on with my remote anymore.

    Now I always "reboot from internal" first and then shutdown in Android. Then I can power on with remote again and it boots in LE.

    Do I have to copy the remote.config file to the configuration folder in LE?

    It excists in the root of my SD card allready.

    I also read about "scratch" but can't find a clear tutorial.

    If I can shutdown and power on right from LE I am happy allready all the other functions I do with CEC.