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    i bought an U2C Android TV Box. After some testing and finding bugs and problems everywhere, I wanted to throw it away as there is zero support, not even a homepage... just a facebook page where are just some advertisements. But then i did find this thread and was glad that someone did the work to get libreelec working on an S912. I first put it on a USB Stick, and was released when i saw it booting :) . After testing 4k and gamble around i installed it on the internal Memory. Everything works like a charm. Now i have a cool Libreelec box. Thank you for your work and support kszaq

    Hi awiouy,

    first of all thank you for this awesome addon, which make a great feature possible on my TV Box, that i converted from an Android to an libreelec Box.

    I had a problem, that the addon didnt work on startup (my phone didnt find the other device). I had to go to addons, librespot, configuration and just press ok, then it worked . Now I added sleep 5 in the start configuration file and i can find libreelec now right after boot, but it didnt play sound till i changed the output device to Kodi. Now it get find on boot and plays the music. Problem is, that it has a huge delay (3-4sec) after an input has made. Is there any way to fix this, so it will be perfect?

    Maybe it would be helpful, if there would be a small tutorial on the first post with an howto and what is needed for it to get it work (which services should be enabled).

    Thank you again for your awesome addon, and support