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    I have a 2.5 hdd plugged in at the usbport of my rpi, when I shutdown libreelec the hdd immediatly lose power and the hdd really does not sound healthy everytime . Can that cause dmg to it.
    I have all the media files on the hdd and it gets its power from the usbport. Is libreelec putting it into standby before shutting down? Would be a desirable feature.

    It's not that we don't believe you but certain logging is always helpful. If you have access to SSH, give the URLs of the following commands:

    blkid | pastebinit
    mount | pastebinit
    dmesg | pastebinit
    pastebinit ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

    Also, /var should not be taken into consideration for a video source at all. /var is part of the readonly system partition. LibreELEC only uses /storage and subsequent subfolders as user space.

    I dont know why the system is mounting my hdd there in var/ folder


    I have a problem that Kodi is recognizing some of my files twice. I have a series and kodi is marking epsiodes in /media/hdd and in var/media/hdd when i plugin the hdd. Therefore the episodes appear twice in Kodi. But its not doing it for all files on the hdd only 2 seriesfolders. Somebody has an idea how to fix this?


    do i have to uninstall the addon first?

    does gs support nds games?

    Retroarch config file is located in /storage/.config/retroarch but I think you can not lower the input lag with any config file, but try it by yourself.

    It is so strange, because it should work out-of-the-box, just plug-and-play...
    Try with this libretro forums thread solution, or ask them over there:

    I could not reduce the input lag! sadly! Will the N64 Emulation maybe better someday or is the rpi2 always to slow for it?

    thx for the addon- its great! I have 1 problem- how do I return to kodi while I inside a game playing? do i have to shut down my pi everytime? Im only connected with a gamepad. yatse is not reacting! Sb has a solution?

    p.s. N64 games are really slow and not playable atm!