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    Not sure if this is relevant, I had problems with my tvheadend on my NUC. I uninstalled the backend, & client, rebooted, then ran the addon kcleaner. I was then able to install tvh again.

    Failing that, try deleting the pvr files via ssh. (I use ftpcore lite)

    Thanks guys, the vu client is working like a charm right now! Now I am searching for a way to get the vu client talk to my enigma receiver outside my Lan network for when I am travelling and bringing my libreElec device with me.

    Since upgrading this year my enigma receiver with the newest openatv images I found out that openatv prohibited it reaching the receiver in wan through standard openwebif (like it used to do earlier) due to unsafety reasons of the receiver being taken over. Now you need to use a VPN to be able to talk to your receiver in WAN i guess, but this is probably material for another thread/forum. Anyway thanks and good to know that this vu client issue was not libreElec related.

    Hi unfortunately nobody responded regarding the PVR client. If somebody has a solution this would be help a lot, I encountered similar threads about the vu client in libreelec and no solution yet found.

    HI kszaq, first of all I would like to thank you for your hard work for making these low budget boxes the best they can be with libreelec. I have been using it for quite some time and I am very happy with it on my mxq pro box.

    Now I do come across a problem with updating this week to the latest version 8.1.10 of libreelec for s905 boxes. Unfortunately the PVR Vu+ enigma2 client is not working on the latest version. When I try to download the plugin I get an error message that it is unable to download. When I try it again I get the error message again but after that I get a message that it is installed, very weird. I tried to configure the client with my enigma2 receiver but then when everything is configured and I enable the addon i get the message: '' Addon couldnt be loaded. An unknown error has occurred''.

    I was running a version of libreelec from somewhere around May Kodi 17.3 (which worked perfectly with the enigma2 pvr client) before installing the latest libreelec version,

    Has somebody else come across this problem? If it is a problem of this latest build, can you fix it kszaq? I really use this pvr client on a daily basis.

    Thanks in advance!