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    1. I did toothpick boot. After powering the box on, hold the reset/toothpick until you see an android lying down, release it.

    2. I forgot the bloatwares, I immediately uninstalled them :D

    I run LE on my MX-III from internal emmc only. Android is completely gone but can easily be putback using amlogic usb burn tool if ever needed.

    However I do not do 'installtointernal'

    The way I did is by starting with Drieschel's build which gets intalled from sdcard to internal by default. And then upgrade it to Demtris' build using the standard LE upgrade procedure
    Drieschel's build is from this thread

    >Thanks again! But I changed my mind and retained my Android and installed Retroarch in it. I can't get Retroarch to work with Libreelec? It just crashes. I'm happy with my setup now.

    Just another bricked box soon ....

    Lucky I'm busy yesterday and haven't done it yet. :D

    1. I think is just an update to your AndroidOS. It added some bloatware to my Android OS, the ability to boot to SDcard and it updated my AndroidOS from 112k4 to 115k4. That's it. That's what happened to me at least. ALL SETTINGS, DATA, APPLICATIONS INSTALLED, RETAINED.

    2. You don't need another SDCard, after installing you can re-use the SDcard for libreelec.


    Just wanna help, though, we have a different unit. Mine is an MXIII (S82 to be exact)

    I successfully dual booted my android installation and libreelec from this thread by following doggyofone.

    You first need the Remix zip. As I understand it, it makes you boot into the SDcard, thus dual booting. Simply put:

    First - Remix zip. Extract it to your SDCARD. Make sure the SDcard is formatted as FAT32. Install it, let it settle. In my case I rebooted twice after, just to make sure.

    Second - The libreelec file for your unit. Burn it to your SDcard. And proceed. I dunno how to do it with your unit but mine is via toothpick boot. Don't forget your remote.conf and


    I have a question. I'm loving Libreelex and want to completely replace my android installation, how to do it? TIA.