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    I'm trying to run this docker image on libreelec Docker Hub Ive installed it with the following command via putty: docker run --name XLink-Kai-Evolution -d -p 34522:34522 --env 'INTERFACE_NAME=eth0' --env 'UMASK=022' --env 'UID=1000' --env 'GID=1000' --volume /storage/.config/xlink-kai:/xlinkkaievolution --privileged=true --cap-add NET_ADMIN --network='host' --restart=unless-stopped ich777/xlinkkaievolution It appears to be working great. The only problem is, when I reboot libreelec this container doesn't load properly. If I stop the container with docker stop CONTANERNAME it stop and start the container again manually with docker start CONTAINERNAME it works great. Any idea how to get this container to start properly on start-up?

    No YouTube was just an example, id love to be able to use a lot of the USA/Canada addons on kodi via this method. when I use openvpn manager it messes up my live tv. This seemed like the perfect solution, Also if someone's watching an addon via openvpn manager it blocks me from being able to stream to my phone from outside the house.

    sorry to ask but is there a type of guide or how to use the thoradia vpn network interface? If I understand it right it will route a addon via an ovpn file? If so how would I route transmission traffic over it? Can more than one addon be routed?

    Ive just tried a new install with no add-ons installed and the problem still exists. Basic playback with a USB hard drive causes buffering every 10 seconds and when a video is playing you cant go to another menu, it buffers. The same happens when pausing a stream with itv player/BBC iPlayer. Going back to 8.2.5 and the problem disappears again.

    Im coming over from 8.2.5 to 9.0.1 which was very smooth except for the fact that I get a buffering issue every 10 seconds on local playback. ive looked in the debug log and I believe its a cache issue which wasn't present when using 8.2.5. Ive changed no hardware only updated libreelec. Any help would be great, Ive posted my debug log below, where ive played a local video file and ive streamed some video from the BBC iPlayer addon.

    Any help would be great.

    Adding sleep doesn't work at all. I added a delay of a minute to see if it would make an difference on a reboot and it doesn't. Is there anyway to get the drive to mount first? Ive tried mounting it in and it didn't make any difference. exactly the same result.

    Doesn't anyone know how to delay starttup so my external hard drive has time to spinup properly. Its very flaky at best when booting up. Some times its there other times it isn't. Ive previously had a portable hdd (2.5,) attached which worked fine but now moved to a powered external hdd (3.5 inch.) Its doesn't always show in file manager. Any help would be great.

    is there a system file I can use as a template im trying to get this docker addon to boot properly.

    Ive run the container via command line and seems to work and there are instructions to boot via system included. This is what ive done but could like to check it before I try it.

    PS where are the docker system d files stored?[Unit]

    Description=haugene/transmission-openvpn docker container

    ExecStart=docker run --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --device=/dev/net/tun --env-file=/storage/.config/transmission-openvpn/config/DockerEnv -d \
    --restart always \
    -v /storage/.config/transmission-openvpn/data:/data \
    -v /storage/.config/transmission-openvpn/config:/config \
    -v /var/media/EXTHDD/Downloads/Watch:/Watch \
    -v /var/media/EXTHDD/Downloads/Incomplete:/Incomplete \
    -v /var/media/EXTHDD/Downloads:/Downloads \
    -e PGID=0 -e PUID=0 \
    -e TZ=Europe/London \
    -p 9091:9091 \
    --dns \
    --dns \
    --name transmission-openvpn \


    I installed docker and sickrage and it asks for a group id and user id. -e PGID=<gid> -e PUID=<uid> With Libreelec running everything as root, what would the group id and user id be please? I used 1001 and its not that as it cant move files. I googled it and it says the kernel would see user id 0 as root but not the group id. I haven't tried them yet incase its wrong. Also is there an easy method to reconfigure a container? Or is it just a matter of stop the container and changing the parameters again?