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    My device only has 1 HDMI not two. I could use the DP for video and HDMI for audio but this will not work smoothly as my setup is kodi box -> AVR -> TV.

    For now I'll continue to use my Vero 4k and hope that one day intel hw actually works properly.

    So looks like under windows my ODROID H2+ won't enable HDR at all. States my display is not HDR capable. Enters HDR mode in LE but has the audio issue .. got to love intel :rolleyes:

    I just purchased a DP -> HDMI cable. Will see if the audio issue is present via that connection too.

    i don't understand why you guys use 2 HDMI's .. one to tv and one to receiver. Does your receiver not have HDMI out to TV? The whole point of receivers is to plug in all your devices to it and then it to your TV. That way you don't have to change inputs on both TV and receiver when you want to change from say the NUC to a PS/XBox for example.

    So, on the NUC7PJYH the HDR works but I have problems with DTS-HD audio (sometimes I hear some annoying clicks from the speakers and I must be honest, they also scared me) while unfortunately on the other NUC NUC10i7FNH the HDR does not work.

    I think your experiencing the same audio issue I am. Its either audio drops out or occasionally will be a loud pop.

    I know this is an old thread but I was curious if anyone else is using Gemini Lake hardware with LE. I am getting similar issues that sky42 experienced. I'm using LE 9.2.6. I have also tested on a develpment build by smp and same issue.

    If you don't use passthru audio then no issues however if you enable passthru audio then you get drop outs.

    Twooter It is not the cable as I use the same setup (including cables) with a Vero 4k+ and no audio issues. I just unplug the ODROID's network and HDMI cable and plug in the Vero. Using 2 seperate cables, on for audio and one for video is not an ideal setup when you also have other peripheral devices so I will not even entertain that kind of setup.

    smp that looks exactly like the issue i'm noticing.

    And therefore likely do not even enable pass thru audio.

    I just installed LE 9.2.6 on the box but since that build doesn't have the updated kernel so therefore I can't access my network so copying a movie to a thumbdrive right now to test out. Will report back what I find.


    Pass thru audio not working properly with LE 9.2.6 either. Same issue. I wonder if this is an issue related to the ODROID H2+ then. Can the peeps who have the NUC7's confirm no audio issues going on there?

    smp you said you don't use an AVR. So you just use your tv's speakers?

    In my testing today. I can confirm the audio glitch is present in the September build too. Its only present if you bitstream your audio. If i disable pass-thru audio it works flawlessly however if i enable it i get random audio glitches of either missing audio for a half second (one time it occurred even for longer) or occasionally i get a "pop". I've never come across this before with any other hardware or software. My next test will be to just install a stock LE image on this hardware and see if it occurs too.

    "Adjust display refresh rate" should be enabled, "sync playback to display" disabled.

    I don't have any audio issues but I don't have an AVR either.

    Yeah, my setup has a Denon AVR in between the LE box and my Vizio tv.

    After football is over i'll test out the old build because I don't recall it having an audio issue but I rarely used it as I can't integrate it with my networked/shared Kodi environment for now.

    smp what video player settings do you use? Off a clean install, with default settings I was getting video stuttering with panning scenes so I enabled "Adjust display refresh rate" option. This fixed the video but not i seem to get dropped audio from time to time. I don't want to enable "sync playback to display" because then i lose passthru audio.

    I dont' think I was seeing this with LibreELEC-GBM.x86_64-9.80-devel-20200830050448-6063236.img.gz but i'll re-install that one later today and test it out.

    I'm just noting what I noticed using this build to play two sample HDR files vs the same files on the Vero 4k+. My GF was watching me test out the builds and noticed the same thing. This was done on the same TV and everything including same HDMI port and everything. I literally plugged one in and tested files, swapped box'es to same HDMI port and played again. HDR setting triggered on TV but looked off.