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    What you are showing in the screenshot is called a mux in tvheadend.

    If you want to scan just that mux (transponder) - go into the Muxes configuration in the tvh2kodi addon, select the network, select the mux (transponder) you want to scan and change the Scan Status field to PEND and save.

    That will initiate a scan. In a few moments, the scan will finish and that mux editing dialog will refresh with the number of services found.

    You can then go to map services to channels and select which services you want to map.

    kowalmisiek Thanks for the feedback. Since I do not have access to a dvb-s tuner, I will need some help in adding the functions you are looking for.

    The best way to show me what you need is to provide screenshots of the tvheadend webui for the item you want to have added. My addon uses the api that the webui uses - so by showing me the screens you need, I should be able to sort out the functions I need to add.

    Some of the items you are referrring to (moving channels, favorites, etc) may not be a function of tvheadend but of the pvr/livetv setup in kodi. I think the video will help - but also the screenshots.


    If you installed 0.7.2 - please re-select your location first. There was a change in digital cable and satellite lineups on the website that messed with the headend info. Then you should be able to reconfigure your channels in the addon.

    Let me know if that solves the issue.

    Miker You have a permission issue when trying to run the zap2epg script manually from the addon folder. Since LE doesn't give you write permission in that folder - you can't generate the log and xmltv.xml files from there. This is handled by the addon when running from within kodi and handled by the grabber for tvh.

    In your case - copy the file to the script.module.zap2epg userdata folder and run from there. That way you can use the kodi interface to configure the zap2epg addon - and then manually run it from userdata folder with the command below.


    In case you don't know how to access the .kodi/addon folder - just download the zip from github, extract the file and then you can copy to the userdata/addon_data/script.module.zap2epg folder over samba.

    You should not need to run the addon - just the script.

    I am not familiar with the cron addon you're using - so you may need to create a new post thread with a question about running a script from cron. Sorry - my original intention for the addon was to be used with tvheadend.

    sorry - that will be beyond my LE knowledge. Why ftp vs local network? If you're trying to access xmltv.xml from a different system (not locally) just install zap2epg on that system.

    And by nothing happens - do you mean you don't see anything on the screen or the xmltv.xml file does not get generated?

    How often do you want to update? If you want twice a day at 00:21 and would write like this:

    <job addon="service.cronxbmc" command="RunScript(Special://home/addons/script.module.zap2epg/" expression="21 */12 * * *" name="zap2epg" show_notification="true"/>

    Miker Yes - I can see that zap2it is missing the icons for the SD versions of cinemax. That's an issue with the source data not the addon.

    You can choose to use the HD channels instead for your lineup if you want. Those seem to have logos.

    You could also send a note to zap2it saying that you were using their website guide and noticed when setting up your favorites channels that the logo was missing for the SD versions of channels 515/516.

    First, please check if the icon shows on the zap2it website for your lineup. If it does - pleae provide your zipcode/lineup so I can test.

    Second, if you know the fix for the icon - on the tvheadend webUI, go to the EPG GRABBER tab and uncheck the update channel icon option. That way when you change the icon url on the CHANNELS tab - it will remain fixed after the next epg grab.