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    Hi guys,

    I'm running TVheadend server on my Pi and I've just noticed my NAS drive was running low on storage, then I saw that the timeshift buffer folder had grown to over 200GB, it seems that the buffer files are unable to delete themselves after writing to the mounted folder...

    Can someone explain to me why the timeshift buffer folders do not delete after I stop a stream from a mounted CIFS share?

    I've mounted my NAS livetv folder locally using the following

    mount -t cifs -o username=guest,password=,rw,vers=1.0 //10.0.0.****** /storage/livetv

    which works fine, however the buffer files created by timeshift are not deleting.... and if I try to delete these via ssh " rm -r /storage/livetv/timeshift/buffer" I get "permission denied" errors

    Recordings are also recorded to the same CIFS share folder, but i'm able to delete them just fine.

    Surely i'm missing something obvious here...

    I had a bit of a play with this and found the fix.

    if anyone would like to enable suspend for USB installs simply ssh and type:
    echo 1 > /sys/power/pm_async

    or manually:

    cd /sys/power
    nano pm_async

    remove 0 and replace with 1
    press control x to save.

    Make sure to backup your system incase you run into corruption... I never have in the past suspending from USB, but never the less some people have reported this happening.

    Hi folks,

    I see in the wiki that suspend is disabled for installations on USB.

    Back in the day on Openelec you were able to enable it again by deleting
    .suspend_disabled from /storage/.config/

    But I see that solution won't work here on Libreelec as that file doesn't exist.

    Is there a way to enable this?

    I'm trying to repurpose my Mac Mini but don't want to wipe the hard drive, I'm using refit to boot from USB which has always worked fine, but I can't suspend/resume anymore and I really want this activated.

    I've always done this in the past and have never had any corruptions occur so I'm a little unsure as to why this cannot be done.

    If I hit "suspend" in kodi at the moment, the mac mini will go to sleep, but when I wake it with the keyboard I get a blank screen... No ssh etc.

    Can anyone help?


    Hi this has probably been brought up before but I simply don't have time to read up on the forum. So apologies in advance if I upset anyone.

    In the addon settings, changing "initial volume" does not accurately set the volume in ASAP itself.

    Changing the settings to 90% actually changes the volume to 65% in alsa as seen in the image below

    hi awiouy,

    i've been using this for a while now and absolutely love it, so thakns very much for putting this together for the community!
    However, there is one small problem...

    My Raspbery Pi Kodi audio settings are set to "Audio output device - PI:HDMI and Analogue"
    This is so that when i am listening to music, sometimes i switch off the TV and swith the amplifier over to AUX input which is connected from the headphone jack on the Pi to the AUX input on my amplifier. The reason i have to do it this way is because my amplifier does not carry video signal, so i'm forced to use the TV's optical out but the TV has to be on for the optical out to work, hence the reason i have an audio singal coming straight from the headphonen jack aswell.

    I can set your sevice to use Headphone jack, HDMI or auto detect but not BOTH. Not sure what Auto Detect is suppose to do as it always just seems to play from HDMI.
    Are you able to have a setting for both?

    keep up the good work.


    Working now, It was indeed set to 30005. Set to 320 works fine now.

    Also, if this addon requires docker, then it should be downloaded as a dependencey for this addon.



    Sorry this is not working...

    8.0.90 worked fine... Ever since the submission to libreelec repo, the addon updated to 8.0.100 and now I cannot see the device available from my iPhone spotify app.

    If I revert back to 8.0.90 then it works perfectly again.

    RPi 3 - latest Milhouse nightlies
    Iphone - ios 9.3.3


    Working a treat!

    Hopefully the Libreelec team see the value in this and add it to their repo, finally an alternative to using airplay from my iPhone.

    Awesome work,




    All the OpenVPN documentation you need.

    Thanks... But obviously that goes without saying...

    Or perhaps not?

    I'm talking about libreelec documentation, wiki etc.

    Libreelec/openelec are designed to be a quick 'out of the box' experience, so to speak.

    And my point, more or less, was in regards to a config addon that will make things a whole lot more 'user friendly' in this regard.

    Hi all,

    I know libreelec now comes with openvpn built in. There seems to be little to no information available on how to get it working, other than a few random posts floating around the forums.

    Can we get an 'OpenVPN' configuration addon in the libreelec official repo?

    Lrusak's openvpn for openelec is absolutely perfect. To get it to work on libreelec you have to alter a few lines of code in the .py script to point it to libreelec directories etc...

    This addon is great because it allows you to check your ip info and toggle vpn on/off using keymaps. I feel it's a must to be able to check your ip to see if openvpn is actually working. This addon simply uses 'curl' and displays the info in a dialog when triggered in kodi.

    There seems to be a few other addons floating around, but they don't seem to offer a simple way to check your ip without having to launch the addon and clicking a button

    If we could get this added to the official repo it would be great. Along with some official documentation on how to easily configure openvpn.

    Or perhaps even add this into the libreelec settings addon?


    We tried to do a "Wingardium Leviosar" spell, but details of your computer are still not fully clear.
    So please upload a kodi.log file, and inform us of any other hardware that might by in your PC.

    I've cracked it and reverted back to Libreelec stable.
    There were just too many things not working right.
    I can't update any Libreelec settings as the save button doesn't exist in the addon.
    Suspend not working
    getting random freezes.

    Normally I'd be more than happy to run bleeding edge stuff and report on bugs but this just made my system too unstable to use.

    Hopefully someone else is experiencing this and can help out with a .log file

    Libreelec 7.90.001 Alpha

    I've just done a fresh install onto internal HDD of my computer using Generic Build of latest BETA
    the computer will not "Suspend"
    it just goes to a black screen with a "-" flashing away.

    I read somewhere in the install notes that if you install to a USB thumb drive that you cannot suspend the system

    However, i've installed directly to the HDD.

    Is this fixable?



    as the title suggests, i cannot use TVHeadend 4.2 , it will not detect my adapter.
    My adapter is a HDhomerun.

    the "adapters" page seems faulty.
    when i click on adapters it doesn't bring down a drop list.
    The tuner is detected in:

    but does not display in tvheadend 4.2

    If i install tvheadend 4.0 it works as usual

    I'm not really sure about cacheindvdplayer. There hasn't been any mention of it being required on OSMC which is using the same Kodi tree.
    I don't have a PVR setup, and the cacheindvdplayer is gone in master.

    Can anyone using PVR report if setting "<cacheindvdplayer>false</cacheindvdplayer>" makes live TV better/worse/same?

    All I can tell you is that without it, kodi shows artefacts and frequently buffers when changing channels using omx. Setting it to false immediately fixed the issue for me.

    Indeed, OMX player is working again :-)

    [font="Open Sans, sans-serif, arial"]@Loggio I experience a buffer loop from time to time (until channel switch), Is that the kind of buffer issue you have?[/font]


    I would switch a channel, kodi would keep spitting up the buffering progress bar sporadically and the image would pause and play causing huge stutter. The only way to stop or would be to stop and restart the channel.

    Adding <cacheindvdplayer>false</cacheindvdplayer>
    Completely fixed the issue for me. Now channel changes are smooth too.

    I normally have it set to false, because I remember experiencing this a while ago on nightly builds. However since I did a fresh install I forgot to add it back to my advancedsettings file.