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    Thanks but I don't use Homegroups. If using them would solve my sharing issue, I'm all ears. For the meantime, I'm sticking with LE 8.0.2 until I find a work-around.

    did you try giving the guest account a password and using that?

    but yes it should solve the issue... it did for me. I wasn't able to share anything until i started using the homegroupuser and password.

    This seems quite odd to me. Why would someone add an extra account to Windows 10 just to allow file sharing ? It makes no sense at all. I currently have a local user account on my Windows 10 desktop (with latest Fall Creator's Update). I do NOT have a MS account. My shared folders are shared with "Everyone". No password has ever been set-up or used. Adding an extra user may affect logging into Windows. Currently, my desktop goes directly to Windows without a login screen.

    Not sure if it works on windows 10, but on windows 7 after creating a homegroup i could use the username HomeGroupUser (and the pass of the homegroup)

    run netplwiz to see what the name of the accounts on your computer is.

    it's also might be possible to use the Guest account if you give it a password (i'm not sure as i did not do it this way but it might be worth a try)

    looks like its not working because of my ps3 controller.

    whenever its off the screensaver starts, but when it's on it doesn't.

    it will also freeze if i turn the controller back on after previewing giving this error in the log

    15:53:44.722 T:1945276992 ERROR: CPythonInvoker(14, /storage/.kodi/addons/screensaver.digitalclock/ script didn't stop in 5 seconds - let's kill it

    i'm guessing it has something to do with bluetooth.

    I can't get the screensaver to turn on for my raspberry pi 3 (running 8.1.2)

    i only want to use it to turn off my ps3 controller after a certain amount of time not using it, and if i preview it then it turns off fine.

    but it never activates on it's own regardless of the wait time i set.

    Didn't really want to create an account specifically for this... but i think i found a workaround.

    While looking into something else i found out that when i created a homegroup it actually has a username as an account called HomeGroupUser

    which i can use for this, for the password i can use the one set for the homegroup in windows.

    it also only works if the folder is shared with "Everyone" as well, if not gives the error:

    ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://USERNAME:[email protected]/test'

    unix_err:'d' error : 'Permission denied'

    i'm not sure why though.

    and i still need to add the paths manually as kodi just doesn't see anything when browsing through the menu.

    looking at the log after i added the path directly to sources.xml i get these errors

    i tried both ways.

    There is a updated "samba.conf.sample" that should be used as base for samba.conf.

    Rename existing samba.conf to samba.bak (or whatever else...)

    Rename samba.conf.sample to samba.conf

    Edit samba.conf, add Your shares, restart.

    That should make it work...

    updated from what? I started with the latest version of libreelect, i didn't upgrade to it.

    Also i just tried setting the max smb version allowed in services/settings/smb client to smb 1 and it saw the shares.

    but then it asks for a username/password (which i don't have)

    so why does it allow me to only see them when setting the max to smb1?

    I can't get my smb shares to show up on krypton (8.1.2), but i installed (Jarvis v7.0.3 MR) and i can access them fine.

    What has changed and how do i fix it?

    also possibly related i can't seem to access the LIBREELEC Folder on my windows pc on the jarvis release but can on krypton. It says:

    "Windows cannot access \\LIBREELEC Check the spelling of the name."

    "Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try and identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose."

    Error code: 0x80070035

    The network path was not found.