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    Hello, I had the notification of the new update of LibreELEC, is not it supposed to be done automatically?

    I do not find how to do it, before I use ssh for download the update in .storage, and reboot

    But i have tried this for update :

    Menu -> Libreelec -> Automatic updates -> Manual -> Update channel Libreelec 9.2 -> Available versions ...

    I wanted to know how you did it, and if it is better to reinstall, in some cases ..

    Thank you

    Thank you for your answers,

    So if I understand correctly, whatever the micro-hdmi adapter to hdmi, I would have no loss it has no impact on the flow etc

    As for the cable, I just take a hdmi high speed cable in the title and they are all compatible HDR / 4K 60FPS? Or not specially?


    What is the best solution for connecting the ft with a mini hdmi -> hdmi, a hdmi to mini hdmi cable or an adapter with an HDMI cable?

    There is a difference for adapters, or does it have no impact on 4K, framerate etc?

    So how can i have 5.1 ?

    I have a soundbar compatible 5.1 AC3 / DTS, I wanted to know what was the best choice between optics and the ARC, I do not know if the TV can send them in passtrough, I think it the equipment must be compatible, and I see that the TV only reads the AC3 and not the DTS, I do not know if it has an impact on the passtrough

    What is the best choice ?

    Thank you


    On a 5.1 soundbar, I turned the passtrough mode down in the options, I put hardware compatible DTS and AC3, at the top in the option "number of channels", I have to leave 2.0 or should I put 5.1, or does it matter?

    So if I have a track with TrueHD, will it send me the AC3 in 5.1 if I check compatible AV receiver AC3?

    Same for DTS-HD?

    Thank you for your help, and on the PC with LibreElec, will choosing Passtrough be supported?

    The config is an AMD A6 with an A68HM-E33V2

    Thanks for your answer, the formats that I have most often are the DTS / DTS HD-MA, AC3 / Dolby TrueHD

    But I also have E-AC3, DTS-HD HRA, Atmos ...


    With libreelec 8.0.5 the HEVC in 1080p was not read on the pi 3, and since the update kodi 9 I can read it, without interruption, before when I changed the audio track the video was cut, I wanted to know if there was the addition of support in libreelec / kodi 18 or if it's nothing to do?

    Thank you