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    I'm using a 100mb Lan, and no Wi-Fi.

    What bothers me is if I stop TrueHD Passthrough, my AVR receives AC3, so in theory that should be more demanding for the CPU as it has to decode the Atmos stream.

    100 Mb LAN could not be enough for 50 Mbps stream + 5 Mbps HD audio. In most cases this is a network speed issue. Try to play the video from local USB and let us see.

    Thanks for the excellent new build Kszaq as the new works fine on my Beelink box. Have been getting a few crashes I never had before but those are in some popular unnamed third party addons and the same thing is happening now it seems with earlier LE8.1 builds, so is something it seems that is add-on specific rather than the latest firmware build. Only problem I have is still with many of my previously working auto 3D switching movie files, as mentioned in my earlier post a few days ago [] LibreELEC 8.2 for S905/S905X.

    Strange as some of my 3D movie files still auto switch to 3D as before, but some others that I am sure did work before no longer seem to invoke the normally escellent auto 3D function and need manually setting up the TV for 3D as we always used to have to do. This is true even if I roll back to an earlier LE 8.1 build that did work with the auto 3D feature included, and that I am sure worked before with some of these files that no longer auto switch to 3D. No log file unless you really need one, as I just wanted to know if there is any code that could have changed in a recent new build that even if I roll back to an earlier LE version does not get overwritten to its previous state. Can't see how that could be but I am no expert so must ask anyway.

    High time you had another cup of coffee Kszaq. So as soon as I have some new stock available in a few days I will send you a nice cupper. Sadly in short supply right now. This is sadly usual these days with living permanently and happily here in Thailand, what with the weak pound and US dollar and the thieving rip off western banks too !!!

    You have to have set the video stereo mode flag in the mkv header to a correct value. Mostly the 3D mkv files do not have this flag set so you have to do it manualy. Use mkvtoolnix header editor, find under the video track the stereo mode flag and set it to 1 for SBS format and 2 for the OU format. Then you can see also in MediaInfo under Video the correct MultiViev_xy settings and the format is recognized as it should be. For more stereo options see the mkvmerge documentation.

    Hi! Are you booting from internal or from SD card? If from card you should use at least "high speed" SDHC Class 10 card. The performance is much better. LE8 would be the best option available.

    It should be possible by running a shutdown script on your box incl. the commands to ssh and shutdown your server (e.g. poweroff command).