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    For information, preview 105d for RPi2 should run on arm variants of LibreELEC 8.x for Odroid_C2, S905, S912, WeTek_Hub and WeTek_Play_2.

    Great work, Congratulations ...

    Should version 8.2.107 work on the S905D? I have a Mecool KI Pro with this processor, installed from the LibreELEC repository, installed successfully, set user and password, but the "run" button does not enable.

    I give up !!

    It is some incompatibility of my box with newer versions of LE. I checked with other owners of KI pro and LE 8.2-8.1.8 is working fine.

    In my box:

    Installing LE 8.0-8.0.2c with device gxl_p230_k1_pro ... success

    Installing LE 8.2-8.1.8 with device gxl_p230_k1_pro .... fails, does not install

    Installing LE 8.2-8.1.8 with device gxl_p231_2g_dvb .... install but do not find wired network

    I even tried to install alpha version LE 9.0 and also can not find the wired network. It seems that it is some software incompatibility with my box

    Thank you to anyone who tried to help me !!

    For KI Pro you should use "gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb". Why do you post Kodi log if this is a hardware issue?

    For KI Pro you should use "gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb". Why do you post Kodi log if this is a hardware issue?

    Thanks for the attention, I had tried with this Device Tree and it did not work, but I'll try again, I'll get another SD and format.

    It does not seem to be a hardware issue because the wired network works on LE 8.0.2 and Android , it just does not work on LE 8.1.7 and LE8.1.8

    What Device Tree did you use ?

    You Haven't mentioned Device Tree at all in your install information.

    I used the device tree


    which I believe is correct for my box Mecool KI pro that has S905D, but I also tried with gxl_p230_k1_pro.dtb and gxbb_p201_2G.dtb in LE 8.1.7 and LE 8.1.8 and did not find the wired network, only found wireless network

    One more detail, the first time I installed connected on a 10/100 Mbits router, then I connected to another Gigabit router and reinstalled again and still did not find the wired network

    Ubuntu Pastebin

    Great job, congratulations ....

    I had LE in ODROID-C2 and everything worked, now I have a Mecool KI Pro with LE 8.0.2c and everything working, when I installed LE 8.1.7 (.tar) did not find wired network, wireless works perfect. I formatted SD and installed with .img, same problem. Reboot to Android and finds wired network, I go back to LE 8.0.2 finds wired network

    I have now installed 8.1.8 for both .tar and .img and can not find wired network

    Follows logging with disable and enable wired network and wireless network

    Ubuntu Pastebin