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    Hello everyone,

    I would appreciate any help or like to know if anyone else has experienced the problems I am having.

    I'm trying to run games within LibreElec using RetroArch and IAGL. An external launcher is preferred than the default RetroPlayer as suggested for playability.

    OS: Latest fresh install of LibreElec(9.1.501) imaged to SD card using LibreELEC USB-SD Creator.

    Addons: Latest gamestarter and zachmorris installed from zip then repositories(RetroArch, IAGL)

    Hardware: RPi3, generic PS2 bluetooth controllers, Logitech wireless usb keyboard/mouse combo

    I'm having some issues following the helpful guide written by robmcc83 located here:

    Stock LibreELEC and retro gaming?

    I successfully get to this step in the guide: "Now connect you preferred controller as retroarch will autoconfig it when you launch."

    Controller works perfectly.

    However when I launch RetroArch the following dialogue box appears: Exit Kodi and run RetroArch?

    I select Yes.

    The screen goes black, then the RetroArch splash screen appears for about 2 seconds and then the Kodi Leia 18.4 splash screen appears and I'm back at the Kodi home screen.

    I have the following guide and can run a game with RetroPlayer(poorly pixelated and bad audio) but RetroArch just won't even run as I have mentioned above:

    1. Setup · zach-morris/plugin.program.iagl Wiki · GitHub

    Does anyone have any idea of what is going on please? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



    Hello everyone,

    I would like to be able to help my family and friends that live away from me with LibreELEC by remote controlling the OS using the GUI for configuration. I have researched but haven't found a simple way to achieve this. It is quite difficult to ask them to configure port forwarding on their router when they do not understand the technology.

    The issues are as follows:

    Teamviewer is not supported but is on Raspbian I believe. Not the best option because I am dual booting LE and Raspbian. Kodi doesn't run well on Raspbian.

    VNC is supported but requires port forwarding on the router to control LE. It's difficult to get them to do this because they wouldn't know how to get to their router logon interface.

    I have read that a VPN tunnel would work with VNC but wouldn't that require port forwarding on their router anyway to connect to the RPI device behind it?

    I appreciate any help. Thank you.