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    My 2nd memobox t95n arrived today. This is 2GB/16GB version from a different seller and it has the same issue as my other one, it won't boot properly most of the times. Hangs at the libreelec logo and it's not accessible via network. I'll make debug logs.

    I've placed my 8GB version on a Samsung TV and I was wondering if CEC has the option to turn the s905x box ON when switching to the input. In Libreelec there are plenty of CEC option that turn on the TV and AVR when turning the s905x box on, but it would be cool if it worked the other way around. The Samsung remote works excellent via CEC, but either I need to leave the box on 24/7, or I'd still need a second remote to turn Libreelec on.

    Does anyone have an idea why the number keys on my TV's remote won't work via CEC? The do work with the supplied remote of my Memobox t95n, but I can't get my LG B6V's remote to work properly in Libreelec. The navigation, ok, and back work, so it's enough to work with, but I really miss the numbers keys for sms style text input, for easy browsing through movies and stuff. Another strange thing is that the color buttons from the orinal remote don't work, but the color buttons of my LG's remote do work (I have color buttons assigned in my remote.xml).

    I tried running irw to see what is registered, but neither the remote from the TV as the remote from the box registers input (although the original remote works). I'm kinda at a loss how to start creating my own remote.conf if I can't see what is inputted. In the meantime I have an mce receiver connected, which is bigger than the t95n, just to have all my keys properly configured.

    Remove v-sync in kernel, compile kernel.

    I don't remember looking at any logs from you, perhaps it's better to create so that it's not buried under 10s of other posts? Another thing is that I won't have much time to provide support in coming days/weeks.

    Okay, I'll create a new thread in a week or so. It's just a minor nuisance, my box won't boot 9 out of 10 times. :D;)

    Seems like a warm boot doesn't always work. It show the libreelec splash screen and then nothing. No network, no Kodi ... have to unplug the power. Cold boot always works though.

    Partition size is defined in device tree, you have to recompile device tree and flash it twice to change user data partition size.

    Are there guides on how to do this? I have a 16GB box on the way, the same brand as my 8GB box. It would be a shame to waste the extra storage space.

    I have the same box (probably, there are a zillion sellers with seemingly the same boxes). No Wi-Fi, I guess the chip is not supported but I only use Ethernet so it's not a problem for me. I've not tested LE7, but LE8 performance is okay. I've installed LE to internal storage.

    Okay, I've enabled debug logging and turned my box off for a while. After powering on, it froze at the Libreelec splash screen. I hope there's something useful in them.

    I have a weird and annoying issue on my box which I don't know how to tackle (and properly supply a bug report).

    9 out of 10 times, when my box comes out of standby it gets stuck at the Libreelec splash screen and won't continue to boot. Not all the time, but practically always. There's no network, so I can't reboot it remotely. I have to unplug the power and after I plug it, it always boots. 100% success.

    It seems there's a difference between cold boot and coming from standby, but how to troubleshoot and get logs of the error ... I don't know.

    In the zip file in the logs folder, there's a 01_KODI_CRASH.log and 01_KODI_OTHER.log but the content is abracadabra to me.


    mount -t cifs -o username=xxxx,password=xxxx,rw "//ARCHER_VR600/photos(sda1)" /storage/test

    Any chance Dolby Vision and HLG are going to work on a s912 LibreElec box? The chip supports it.

    I have a s905x now and I'm quite pleased with it. Apart from some demos which won't run properly due to the 100mbit NIC and the lack of DV and HLG, it plays everything I want.

    But ... now that the S912 build keeps getting better, I'm thinking of replacing it.

    HLG is supported by the s905x and s905d chipset, but it doesn't work on my Memobox t95n m8spro (s905x). I have a demo file which plays fine on a USB stick in the TV, but not in Libreelec.

    This is not a bug report! I know that HDR is also not supported by @kszaq's build, even though that does work. I just wanted to share the info.

    Let me just point out that the quality of the picture depends on the video source, not your default color settings. As mention earlier, i you's 444, 12bit because i can. ;)

    What's the point? Current TV's have 10 bit panels and only Dolby Vision can support up to 12 bit, but DV is not supported on these android boxes. Mine isn't anyway, I've tried DV demos on my TV, they run in DV but on my memobox T95N it just 'plays'.

    Suspend is not working on my memobox t95n mini m8spro.

    It goes to sleep, it just doesn't wake properly. Light turns blue, but no signal or ping. It's fast enough to do a full powerdown and poweron anyway.

    Not a complaint, just thought I'd mention it. I'd be happy to share logs, should anyone want them.

    I'm a noob to amlogic devices. I flashed mine without ever looking into the device tree. Everything works, I see 2GB of RAM, 4K works, HDR works, HD audio works, the remote works. Only SMS style keyboard doesn't work. Even SMS style keyboard works, after updating to 8.1.6

    This is due to added SYSLED support in 8.1.5. I will make this module optional so that only those of you who want to use it will load it

    Probably a dumb question, but is it possible to make it so you can dim (or turn off) the LED from ssh? The blue LED on my box is pretty bright, but it's also the IR receiver so I can't put anything over it.