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    Is the DS4 a genuine one or a generic? I keep finding mixed results, some say DS4 does not work on Lakka, other say they do, and some say only genuine DS4 pads work. I have a DS4 pad but I haven't had time to really test it. Maybe try the solution that DarzLir posted?

    I really should write (or someone else could help me with this) some small how-to on setting up controllers. I've also been trying to figure out how Recalbox, Retropie and such handle the automatic setup and it seems to be doable on our boxes, I just need to translate it to Libreelec.

    OK there is progress... I have official Sony PS4 pads.

    I got fed up and decided to rollback and start from a known point - v1.7 and restored my working qbackup and ROMs as did a hard reset during the install on internal storage.

    Still no joy working from the pad even like this. This was known working for games before.

    Pad works fine in Kodi yet refuses to work for RetroArch or even Reicast with its own mapping!

    So I pulled out pad two - a shop bought new revision with the light bar added to the top of the touchpad... bingo! This works without issue as user one. A google confirms others have had differences between PS4 pads on Retropie for example. Explains why the remapping fix wasn’t working on 1.8.5 either - it would detect the pad, detect the buttons then neither the pad or keyboard then responds to save it/use. I will upgrade again and retry as seems a combination of the retroarch config bug plus the Bluetooth hardware.

    Can you try installing Lakka (Lakka - The DIY open source retrogaming emulation console) on your box and test your gamepad?

    Hi there.

    Current stable LAKKA build tested, PS4 pad detected and responds yet on the menu moving up and down isn’t usable. Jumps from top menu item to the bottom in one press. Shoulder buttons help yet still skip/jump weirdly.

    I did test Retroarch on the v9.0 leia test build using jokerz‘s repo which worked fine yet I presume is an aged version so could avoid a recent bug introduced.

    I’m looking at getting an x360 pad as an alternative.

    I too have a similar experience since going to v1.8.x - using a PS4 pad wirelessly works in ES or Kodi fine yet when loading an emulator it shows Retroarch is connected to wireless on on port 0 yet then no response to move/start/exit game.

    It did work seamlessly in 1.65 yet I have a generic pad for Kodi so shall try updating the retroarch config

    OK, I've looked around for an hour - I've enabled the games menu, added Zach M repo, installed IARL and the Libretro compatibility addon yet despite trying to configure IARL for retroplayer use I just cannot get any game/system to run. All report "cannot find an emulator".

    Others seem to suggest "Games" should work in the build. Can anyone suggest anything or provide a few steps they used to get working?
    I've installed 8.90.5 img to a USB stick for testing so a clean build from the image file on an S905X device.

    Feels like I've just missed an entire step and need to install the desired Libretro cores or something.

    The PE release looks amazing, gave it a quick look yesterday.

    I have dropped back to ES as shall have to wait until the DS4 pad bug is squashed at the source (my main control pad).

    I shall build a USB stick version of v1.8.3PE to have a play with though. Reicast has it's own DS4 mapping scheme that should work nicely at least.

    Does anyone on here have any suggestions/success in getting the PE build configured to fully use with a Dualshock 4 pad?

    I will test this hopefully tonight. ES should look for roms inside /storage/roms/<system>

    Ah yes, That last bit is me being tired - moved them all manually via IP yet didn't drop them in to folder names per core.

    All files dumped in "Roms" root aren't supposed to detect...

    Confirmed partially my error. Samba share working OK after laptop reboot. Had to add "Roms" share in the samba.conf file.

    Roms/bios copied - detected fine and tested - Dreamcast and PSX. Calling it a night yet shall setup and test Kodi tomorrow after work.

    I've not had scraping work on 1.6.5 or 1.7. Should this work or can it be added?

    Thanks! I think that's an easy fix, I probably forgot to change the default setting.

    Edit: Even with the roms/bios present they didn't detect and allow to run. So edited the samba.conf file to share roms manually via the IP address.

    All looks fine yet the folder is called "roms" in storage, I presume a planned change to 1.6.5. Anywho so cannot get loaded in to ES, only Kodi.

    Tried to get around this with adding the "sx05reroms" file in roms too, yet no change - Kodi looks sweet though. CEC, audio pass and PS4 added to bluetooth OK.

    Hey - happy to test. So failing at the first hurdle. When trying to access the Samba share I get asked for a password by default.

    To get around this I tried by IP address instead of the network name. It allows you in yet the Roms folder is not shared. Neither is the root folder so can't get to it the long way around...

    I've tried pulling the files from LE file manager yet no Roms/BIOS detected at startup.

    Edit: Even with the roms/bios present they didn't detect and allow to run. So edited the samba.conf file to allow roms manually via the IP address.

    All looks fine yet as called just "roms" I expect it is not detecting. Tried to get around this with adding the "sx05reroms" file in roms. Shall try renaming the roms folder too yet could need looking at as although tired I don't think its me (apologies if it is).

    Thank you so much niabi ! I've had a quick play and your build is amazing. A single box running Kodi LE and Libretro - most impressive is it's even running Crazy Taxi at a playable frame rate (hope for Reicast to fix the audio clicks)!

    Cannot wait for the next release to merge Kszaq's updates then this is going from USB to internal for sure!
    Hope the laptop is sorted soon. Or maybe the community can help somehow?

    Do you have a donation page? All this deserves a coffee/beer.

    Thank you for your efforts to Fietspomp your instructions made setting up my Z69 so much easier!

    Out of interest how warm does your Z69 run?

    I'm tempted to dissemble mine to re-thermal paste and drill some air holes... 50oC + seems high for a S905.

    S802/12 are able to play H265/HEVC at 4K2K = Ultra HD = 3820 x 2160 vs S905/12 that can do 4K = 4096 x 2160

    And not because they are weak (they are faster that any S905 in existence) but because they use the 1.x HDMI protocol that has this limitation.

    OK good to know. I'm only after h.265 @ 1080p so nice to know its viable. I checked quickly and could see it was using SW decode hence jerky stop/start. Shall investigate more around file format, player and test some others. Maybe could have been a 10bit HEVC and I read S812 can only support up to 8-bit.

    Hey there.

    Loving this, my MXIII-G 2G has been dusted off and born again with LE installed. After a quick search though and no answer on this thread...

    Is there a known issue or has anyone else had good/bad experience playing back H.265 files?

    I've not looked in detail at the format etc yet figured saves a lot of wasted time if it is a known broken or only supporting set configurations.

    So far 1080p via H.264 has been great and functioning 5.1 pass-thru so far on the few tested.

    Thank you Demetris for all the work and anyone else in advance who may have a simple answer.