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    Boxes with s905 as building quality are better at boxes with s905x ? In fact, among the boxes with the s905 there is the minix u1 that stands out from all the boxes, it has excellent hardware, good wifi and a quality remote, followed by wetet play 2, but with s905x i have not managed find a quality box, do you know some quality boxes with the s905x ?

    It´s impossible to answer.

    Most 905x boxes using same hardware - some manufacturer using cheap wifi/bluetooth chipset.

    I own 2 beelink boxes(see signature) - everything is working oob - no problem to install LE via toothpick.

    Wired network is only fast ethernet - I use a GBit USB dongle.

    Thanks for the advice and availability.

    As you told me the s905x cpu boxes seem to me all the same, I did not find a box with s905x that stands out for quality of construction. Perhaps the best boxes with s905x are the MECOOL M8S Pro + and the Beelink MINI MXIII II that you have. Actually, wifi for me is not important, I have a folder where there are all the video files shared in samba. Then (with s905x) I found these models: M96X Pro 4K, M96X VBOX, MEMOHI UFO MEMOHI, Zidoo A5S, M9S Z8, Qbox, mini M8S II, Bqeel M9C Max.

    libhybris is a "wrapper" library to use (some of) Android drivers in pure Linux, i.e. LE. You do not need to care "how to use it", it is compiled in and you do not even know it.

    Please read the notes in the first post again, again and again. I am wondering why are you so stubborn? I am the developer that made LE on S912 possible - don't you believe my words?

    Thanks for the explanations, sorry I am trying to understand the situation well, I believe that I believe your words, yes, I know you are the developer, the two main problems I think are these two:

    "resolution switching - only 1920x1080 and 4K is working (frame rate switching works)

    screen tearing in GUI and software-rendered videos (vsync does not work) (fixed in 8.1.7)

    Kodi may sometimes crash or restart"

    However as you said at Jeffers I read that it does not recommend a box with cpu s912 for libreelec.

    At this point in order to avoid problems, you should take a s905 cpu box, or rather an s905x or 905d, personally which box advises me ? I am very interested in knowing your opinion, if you will answer me in courtesy.

    Just to make it simple..

    from the 1st post,

    "If you consider buying a device for LE, do not buy Amlogic S912!"

    My intention to buy a s912 cpu box was to have a more recent hardware. With release 8.1.7 I thought LE would work well with s912 cpu. With future releases maybe all the problems will come. But libhybris how does it work ? How do you use it ?

    No, you didn't read carefully enough.

    Read again the very first sentence, for example.

    You refer to this part:

    "Amlogic has not released fbdev Mali libraries and has no plans to release them. These builds use libhybris and Android gralloc Mali driver to provide OpenGL for Kodi - this is an experimental approach with CPU overhead - this means suboptimal GPU performance."

    Unfortunately I did not understand how libhybris works and how to install it ?

    It is clearly stated in the first post. Does it really need to be repeated on every thread page?

    Using libhybris remains a necessity, which means maintaining a hack, which means suboptimal performance and the occasional crash/hang.

    YES, I read the first post:

    resolution switching - only 1920x1080 and 4K is working (frame rate switching works)

    screen tearing in GUI and software-rendered videos (vsync does not work) (fixed in 8.1.7)

    Kodi may sometimes crash or restart

    libhybris is a software to install ? How does it work ? The hack did not understand what exactly meant.


    I did not understand exactly what problems with LibreELEC with the s912 ?


    Thank you so much for the advice, do not you want to take the gt1 ultimate version ? The ultimate version has 3GB of DDR4 RAM and android 7.1

    Regarding Widewine L1 and Netfix HD there is no problem, Netfix does not interest me.

    For the remote I was going to take the minix A2 lite, the important thing and that I can use LibreELEC with the buttons on the remote control, play, stop, pause, rewind, back, forward etc ..

    About the box Mecool BB2 you think about it ?

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and explanations.


    From what I understand each box manages the dual-boot differently, on the webtek play2 box I explained that you can choose between android and LibreELEC by holding down the power button on the remote control. On the MECOOL M8S PRO I do not know how dual-boot is done. Personally with the s912 what box advises me ?


    Widewine L1 and HDCP 1.x certification for what exactly does it work ? Netflix I do not use it, being a paid service I do not care.

    Is the Mecool BB2 perfectly compatible with LibreELEC ? I have read that some models of the Mecool BB2 were removed from the market because they were defective.

    The MECOOL M8S PRO seems to me to be poorly constructive, I also have to calculate the cost of the minix A2 lite, in the end maybe it's okay to go for the Minix Neo U9-H, unfortunately the price is still high.

    Hi, thank you for having responded to me and for advice, they explained that the H96pro + and MECOOL M8S PRO wifi are more powerful compared to the Beelink GT1 Ultimate, the H96pro + tends to warm up. From what I understand, the MECOOL M8S PRO manages the dual-boot android-LibreELEC.

    This is what they explained to me:

    START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated September 2017)

    Budget AMLogic S905/S905X/S912 Media Player Options

    Thanks again for the advice.

    I just read today about Zidoo A5s and this looks to be really decent device. So if if fully supported by libre, go for it.

    Hi, sorry for the delay, I found little information about the Zidoo A5s and compatibility with libreelec. The main devices, however, remain: wetek play2, minix neo u1, mini M8S II, MECOOL KI PRO TV, MECOOL M8S Pro +, Beelink MXIII II. From what I've read now on the forum the android box that runs best with libreelec is wetek play2.

    Look like good device. Just reconfirm it has really good compatibility with Libreelec (wifi, Bluetooth, optical output). And find a good deal.

    Looks like an unknown device, it's okay to get a device already tested on the forum, if I want to spend the only one is the Beelink MXIII II that I had recommended to you, I saw that many users on the signed forum have the Beelink MXIII II, otherwise the more devices tested with the s905 remain the wetek play2 and the minix neo u1, the MECOOL KI PRO TV I think has already been tested on the forum. Unfortunately libreelec is not compatible with the s912.

    X9s if you just need one of the best Android boxes. But if you need an HDMI input, internal hard drive option and money is no object, then X10. But only for Android, as you know.

    Thank you so much, I need a good android device compatible with libreelec, unfortunately the X9s and the X10 are not compatible, the only ZIDOO compatible with libreelec seems to me to be just the A5S.