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    I added the support for this device in to the kernel, but as CrazyCat said it only supports the first tuner. The issue is that the EM28xx driver is not built with support for dual-tuners in mind. It was relatively easy to add support for a new device, but it is a significant task to add support for multiple tuners. The driver supports something like 100 different devices so you need to be very careful...

    I'll have a look at the attachment you added later.

    You patch things in LE by creating a patch in packages/linux/patches (look for an example). This patch will then be applied when the Linux kernel is compiled for you. Is this patch something that should be there for everyone, or just for you for some reason?

    I have Intel NUC6i7KYK and i am trying to instal new libreelrc or openelec but always I'm getting this error:
    "a start job is running for xorg server, failed to start xorg and there is nothing wrong with usb , I can instal to other box - 5th generation .
    I have a problem only 6 generation box. Any idea what is wrong? Thanks

    Just tried it out on the NUC6i7KYK. It fails on 7.0.2 ("xorg failed to start, is your GPU supported" error), but works nicely on 7.90.002. The installer was a bit screwed up on 7.90.002 but that's another thing - it did it's job anyhow.

    EDIT: Spoke to soon. There's only Bluetooth audio. The HDMI audio is not supported!

    I doubt 7.0.1 would work on this NUC.

    EDIT2: Funny enough, audio works if I connect a DP1.2-HDMI2 adapter and then connect the same HDMI cable to the adapter.


    This probably means that the Tvheadend client loses the connection to the Tvheadend server. This should have nothing to do with the DVB drivers. When you configured Tvheadend server via the web GUI, did you see any tuners listed there?

    My HVR 4000 just bit the bullet after a long hard life, so I'm in the market for a new tuner.

    I bought a Geniatech USB tuner, but am having no luck at all when it comes to tuning channels. So I'm hoping someone could point me in a more successful direction.

    There are not too many supported duel-tuner cards. DVBSky S952 comes to mind. TechnoTrend S2-4200 will be supported from kernel 4.7 onwards, but if you get that card, I can make a patch for LibreELEC to support it before we have 4.7 kernel in LibreELEC.