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    You have to flash a "zip" file from recovery (start your MXIII-G with the toothpick).

    I'have used, extracted the file it has inside and flashed it. Then you can upgrade using the "tar" files simply putting them in the update folder.

    I insist, I also have an MXIII-G but with Kodi 17 never working the dts sound, I only take an Dolby digital sound. Do I have something wrong? Why everyone working dts and me not working ?? I notice that I use the mxiii plus version of 8.2.rc3

    I have a MXIII-G too, for me DTS works using passthrough via the SPDIF cable. It does not work with HDMI.

    I did the same and now it works.

    thank you:)

    You might want to try it in USB (try all ports). Write a new version to SD and do the toothpick thing then reboot but don't let it do the file-check thing, which it seems to do because its not correctly set up to boot from SD for this particular box. Then reboot with it in USB (if you have a USB card-reader). Try all ports. Mine only works on one USB I'

    I've tried every usb port, but it starts boot only from SD. I tried now Openelec and it boot correctly from SD.


    Hello everyone.

    I have a MX III 2G (I think).

    I've tried many images but I can't succeed to end a boot.

    I have flashed the dualboot zip file successfully. It tries to boot from sd but or I have a blank screen or, with latest RC 2 , I have a message of corrupted fs:

    Corrupt System/Repair Failed (and fails the check).

    Any idea?

    Can you confirm which is the correct image for my device?