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    Hi, can anyone advise what to use/download for an Xtreamwer Wonder? As I can't clearly find it in the options that are available.

    Specs are:

    Chipset: Quad Core Amlogic S812-H, (w/ Dolby+DTS) Cortex-A9, upto 2.0GHz

    GPU: 8 Core Mali-450

    Memory: FLASH: 16GB eMMC ver 5.0, SDRAM: 2GB DDR3

    Thanks for the advise

    Not sure if this question belongs in this section, let me know if not:

    My advancesettings.xml file is not connecting Kodi to my mysql database running on an external NAS. All my other Kodi devices connect without problems. Checking the log I find a lot of errors like:

    00:00:15.602 T:4100237040 ERROR: Create - Error( Network is unreachable )

    00:00:16.976 T:4012893088 ERROR: Unable to open database: MyVideos107 [2003](Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (101))


    Strange thing is, that Kodi can connect to the NAS server through the file manager when I search for it manually. So getting confused on what the problem can be. Never seen this problem before in any of my setups.

    Any ideas?

    SOLUTION: Little voice in my head told me enable the "wait for network before starting kodi". I did and it looks to have fixed the problem. Never have had this problem with any past version of Kodi, might be something that was changed in the bootup sequence?

    Hi, was able to install the latest version on a streamer Whizz (s905) however am getting confused.

    When I reboot the device without the usb stick, my old Jarvis Kodi version is loaded. I guess the installation is only mend to be run from a USB stick? How do I install the latest libre on my device over the old Kodi (opelelec) version instead of running through the USB stick?