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    I've found if I use my mouse to close Chromium via the X I can re open it just fine.

    However every time I use alt f4 to close Chromium I have to reboot in order to open it again.

    Nope, mounting is done by the Linux kernel and has nothing to do with the bios tool. The tool just chooses the initial boot device.

    Yes, because both use similar partition labels/device names while other distributions use unique UUIDs.

    Sorry, I knew the difference between booting & mounting, I'll blame that stupid moment on 3am brain fade.

    Thanks for the explanation, it makes sense. Guess I need to go find my screwdrivers :(

    It's not only best practice but actually required in your case. Because otherwise you have two system and storage partitions each, and they get mixed up in the mounting process causing random issues like the one you are reporting.

    By using the bios boot tool, I am completely bypassing auto mounting.

    As best I can tell, these drives and their respective storage partitions should be completely separated from each other. Is this an issue specifically due to how similar OE and LE are? As I've never encountered an issue like this when creating Windows & SteamOS drives.

    Media PC = Braswell Nuc, Sandisk 120g SSD with Openelec 6.0.198-Intel_EGL build

    I've been trying to install LibreElec onto a USB drive to test out before completely committing to using it on my main media pc.

    So I've downloaded the generic 6.90.005 installer from here then using rufus I create LibreElec bootable usb installer. This part seems to go fine.

    I plug in the LibreElec bootable usb installer, and a 32gig Sandisk USB key for the install.
    I do not unplug open the Nuc & remove my SSD, instead I press f10 to access the boot menu & boot directly into the installer.
    I (seemingly) successfully install LibreElec onto the 32gig USB key.
    I unplug the bootable installer & reboot.
    I press f10 to choose to boot into the 32gig LibreElec drive.

    The LibreElec splash screen shows up with the following error:

    1. NEVER TOUCH boot= in extlinux.conf / cmdline.txt
    2. If don't know what you are doing.
    3. your installation is now broken.
    4. Normal startup in 60s...   *coundtown

    I get that best practice would be to remove the SSD drive before installing LibreElec on the usb key, but I'm still rather surprised that I'm coming up with this error message.


    Not sure what need's fixing but it does not currently work.

    I can't seem to send any commands to it via Kore or Yatse at all.

    Edit. I just realised why after reading Chewitts comment again.