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    Keers HiassofT i was stumped, as the wiki hahdnt been updated. ive made a basic link to your post, you montion you will be posting a wiki guide, good! In your post #2 with the guide, 3 bits you could add,

    1 - put dtoverlay=gpio-ir in config.txt (and have lirc disabled)

    2- watch out for line endings in keymap

    3- reboot at end of your guide for it to work with kodi (and to get kodi going again)

    thanks !

    SO im pretty confused, new to libreelec, got it installed fine on pi zero. Also have kodi installed under debian on pi3 with lirc working.

    So trying to get ir remote working on libreelec. There seems to be multiple versions of lirc now ? with ir functions in the kernel too ?? in LE service settings there is lirc service, what does turning this on or off do ?? as even when off, my systemctl still shows lircd running under lircd.socket and eventlircd.service using /run/lircd/ for sockets ?

    So i was able to add dtoverlay=lirc-rpi to config, this gets /standard /dev/lircd0 socket active and "mode2 -d /dev/lircd0" shows my ir button press's

    But this doesnt feel right, as its all operating out of /etc/lirc which is read only, so i have removed dtoverlay=lirc-rpi again , as this feels like the old way, and that there is a native way to do ir now

    ?? commands like ir* (also this has been marked obsolete:

    Guide To lirc rpi GPIO Receiver - LibreELEC)

    Trying to connect irw or mode2 to /run/lircd/ sockets shows no codes recieved... Id really like to know how to get a raw output for the IR remote and what to do with my existing lircd.conf remote codes file or create a new one ?


    edit* ive noticed enable/disable lirc in LE services renames between /storage/.cache/services/lirc.conf <-> lirc.disabled