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    Hi chewitt, some quick question. I still want to remove hardware mpeg2 decoding.

    By adding the following patch file into:


    Anything I forgot to do? Because Mpeg2 is still not working

    Hi chewitt , thanks for the updated K20 image.

    I just tried in on my S905 Box out of interest.

    The image is in comparision to the K19 more unstable (expected as Kodi is alpha) and crashes a lot.

    But with that Image it is possible to watch LiveTV in Mpeg2, which was not possible for your K19 images. Therefore the software decoder for Mpeg2 works good.

    Yes I could buy it and send it to you, if you are interested. But I do have no clue about the shipping cost to Hungary.

    Edit. Shipping looks like additional 13 euro. To save a little bit (if the owners of the boxes are ok with that) I could write the owner to directly ship it to you, and I do the payment , communication stuff. But you would receive it directly.

    If you are interested, than give me a ping :)

    The 1g in the dtb refers to gigabit LAN.

    Try all for gxbb.

    Remote can be configured in LE and CE by ir keytable

    Have a look inside the folder rc_keymaps for a how-to. You need the right Scancodes and then the remote will work.

    you can always lock into the logs - there is even a dmesg. And if your connection is unstable, than a USB device could help.

    Or you simply go throught different dtb files until you find one for gxbb which allows stable network connection.

    For this tests I would use a SD card or USB stick.

    For repairing your internal storage I already said: find the right android to get back you original u boot

    CE 9.2.7 will run fine on a S905. For Kodi 19 there is no build from CE.
    chewitt and have an alpha version of LE, but this is far from usable at the moment for your usecase. If you are using only youtube (and nothing else, it should work). But youtube runs on CE as well. Only downside is, that it is based on Kodi 18.9 and will stay there.

    for the S905x one and a m ale usb a to a cable (usb burning tool from amlogic) or with a burn card you could try to install an androidtv based ROM to internal.

    I am using the builds from aidan at xda-developers

    Or you can find the orignal android image of this device to get everything back.

    Cross-grade did not work from cvh version. But I installed it new.

    HD channels switch is better than on official - SD still does not work.

    HD resolution is 1280 x 720 and is decoded in hardware with: ff-h264_v4l2m2m-drm_prime, drm_prime

    SD resolution is720x576 and is decoded in hardware with: ff-mpeg2_v4l2m2m-drm_prime

    Booth @25 FPS

    Kodi Log

    SD channels / view in log are after

    INFO <general>: CDVDVideoCodecDRMPRIME::Open - using decoder V4L2 mem2mem MPEG2

    Does this makes any sense to you - or should I get any other information?

    EDIT: youtube works fine, regardless of the resolution

    Did anyone managed to watch SD TV with these images?

    I tried the p200 gxbb Version from 11.04 on a Beelink M18.

    In TvHeadend HD channels are fine - even switching between them.

    Amazon Prime Plugin works as well.

    But for SD channel I get a green screen. Is it somewhere possible to define to use mpeg2 software decoding instead of hardware? Maybe it would work then. CPU wise the CPU should be fast enough.

    I the Windows Builds there were some options to decide which codes is handled in hardware and which in software. On Arm I have not seen this - maybe because it is not controllable?