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    Follow the same steps as shown in post 1534.

    I have put the remote.conf in the config directory, this one was always working but it does not in the latest image somehow. It's same box as beelink and orbsmart and in the image from the user dreshel it was working with the s82 image. This tree s82 image is doing something different unfortunately.

    The latest Image runs very smooth on Tronsmart Vega S89-H, but sadly no ir control possible with it. As far i understand it is buggy actually and there is a fix provided in newer versions, can we probably have an updated image with ir fix included?

    Hey guys,

    does anyone use same combination? I have a fresh install on play one and somehow during playback audio under video goes unsync after a while. The fastest solution is to stop and play again the movie file.

    It is a bit annoying somehow and I'm already considering to downgrade to openelec again as I never had such experience with the latest image.

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    Hi there,

    I own an Orbsmart S82, which is identically to Tronsmart Vega S89 or Beelink S82. I would like to bring Libreelec to it. But I don't have much experience in building device projects for OE/LE. But with some help from the community (and some lessons in building a device project) I am sure that we could work that out. Is there some interest in supporting S802 devices? I would contribute it to LE if we get it to work.



    i own the Tronsmart Vega S89 and using the openelec builds from codesnake on it. Would be cool to play around with LibreElec on that awesome box. Performance differences between wetek play and s802 boxes are big. The only sad thing is that it don't have an tuner build in, but as far i know TS Stream isn't supported on that CPU.

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