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    With setting audio to 2.0 video files up to 4k play fine now (with 5.1 files won't play).

    I still cant't get CEC to work (as stated before, worked fine with the older raybuntu release).

    My TV (Panasonic TX-58EXW784) doesn't switch to HDR mode when I play HDR files.

    Hi Kwiboo: Here are some things I experienced with your latest release on my rock64:

    1. For me CEC Support doesn't work with (rock64). The message says CEC is connected but the Remote doesn't work. I switched (clean install) from an old Raybuntu-Release, CEC worked flawlessly there.

    2. My USB-Keyboard only woks, if I reconnect it after Kodi finished launching.

    3. Videoplayer: All tested files below 4k resolution play but the player crashes/hangs after skipping forward.

    4. Videoplayer: 4k HDR movies don't even start... some freeze Kodi immediately after selecting them, others show the "working wheel" but nothing happens. No Problems here with s905x or C2 here.

    All Video-Modes are whitelisted.

    Hi! I just switched from the Raybuntu image to 8.1.2. At first sight everything seemed to be working perfectly (except the known bug with hyperion), even the play-control buttons on my Panasonic TV-remote work now via CEC but with light comes dark and speaking of CEC, the C2 doesn't wake up anymore by switching to the HDMI channel on the TV/AV-Receiver. It powers down when I turn off the TV but doesn't come up again.

    Anyone else with this problem?