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    Mickey016, if you can make it work universally, go for it. In the meantime, don't expect open source devotees to spend too much time making closed protocols work.

    I’m sorry if my messages looked like I was expecting something but I wasn’t pressing anybody to do anything. Maybe my bad english doesn’t reflect what I have in my mind. Anyway, thanks to all the contributors

    Please see my post directly before yours to understand why the Airplay support situation is unlikely to improve.

    yes i inderstand that. But I find it intriguing that under some (non-totally defined) conditions it can work. That's what makes me think (but probably falsely) that most of the work is already done.

    I’m concerned by this subject.

    I’m running LE 8.1.10 on my S905x. I notice that Airplay doesn’t work anymore (from my Mac or my iDevices). On a friend’s box (same model, same device, same build), Airplay works but only from his PC.

    I am willing to help with testing if necessary as I don’t have programming skills.

    Thanks to everyone who could work on this.

    Hi all,

    I have a question : I'm trying to get this add-on "screensaver Matrix trails" working on my S905x wit LE 8.1.4 installed on NAND but so far no luck.

    I have tried the release zip, the clone zip but no success, Kodi refuses to install the add-on.

    The log only shows this:

    07:47:44.164 T:4099760128   ERROR: Failed to read 'zip://'
    07:47:53.304 T:4099760128   ERROR: Failed to read 'zip://'

    What am I missing? Something needs to be compiled? Thanks for your help.

    Thanks for all your hard work ! I use your build on my Mini M8s II, it's great. I've just donated, enjoy your coffee :):thumbup:

    Still, I was wondering : since 8.1.0, Airplay is broken (music streaming aka AirTunes). I can't connect from my Macs or iDevices to my box, despite the fact that I can see and select it from the Music/iTunes app.

    Problem still occurs in 8.1.1, but I don't know if it's a Kodi problem or something with your build? Any clue?