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    The builds on are from kerber who is from Russia. Sounded for me that you are talking about all russians.^^ I see people, not countries, if you understand what I mean. I can try to make a build with the right dtd included. Can you send me a link to an android firmware for your 1GB device? So I can better figure out which dtd is the right one for your box.

    I didnt mean anything negative about russians or the maker of the firmware, it was just a matter of expression... Im not entirely sure where to find the firmware. Im going to search for it and come back to you soon.

    Thanks for the reply. The only openelec build i got to "work" on my mxiii was one from , i was under the impression that these where russion builds?

    I dont know what a dtd file is, is this something i can do myself?

    I have the original MXIII s802 1gb (ram) box, unfortunately this firmware doesn't run on it. It flashes allright, reboots, shows the libreelec logo, and then freezes. Since i bought the mxiii 1gb box i only got troubles with it. It seems most openelec/amlinux/libreelec arm builds are build for the 2gb version of the box. Only an old openelec amlinux from the russions runs (but with no deinterlacing so for me unusuable). I have been regretting not buying the 2gb version ( just to save a few bucks ) each day. A foolish decision it was...

    Would my observation that there is no working 7.x build for s802 1gb mxiii box be right?