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    The box I have is the non beelink branded plain black MiniMX with a Netxeon board inside 2G RAM, 16G Flash, 1 Gig Ethernet , Dual band WiFi - Also known as thr MiniMX v1 and MiniMX-G . One question what is the difference in the device tree callesd "gxbb_p200_2G_1GBit_OTG_Port.dtb" ?? Is this for booting from a USB Pen Drive via the USB port on the box ?

    No, that is for Beelink M16 or MX64 TV boxes, on which there is a OTG port (microUSB B) built in. On these boxes, you can use your phone cable to flash firmware.

    kszaq, I just noticed that there are new device trees for Jarvis development build LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20161028232312-r23412-g028df0e.img.gz uploaded today. Would they also work with your Krypton development build LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-8.0-devel-20161029000130-r24352-g5a0b492.img.gz?

    I guess I got a similar setting, at least to turn on and turn off the TV, but where you set suspend, I set 'Shutdown' (As I knew suspend is not working). I believe implementation of CEC is different for different brands of TV. For my Toshiba and Vizio TV, they behave the same way, despite the former is running LE 8.0 and the latter LE 7.0, both are kszaq's build.


    How do you turn off the TV? From remote or command?

    Kind regards.

    Either TV remote (thru CEC) or TV box remote, click on the 'Power' button on the lower left corner and select 'Power off the device'. Then both TV as well as TV box will be turned off.

    Of course you need to set accordingly on System -> System Settings -> Input -> Peripherals.

    I didn't own Mini M8S but I believe CEC behavior is the same across different hardware platform. CEC is working but I can only turn off the TV box as well as TV with TV remote (CEC through the power on/off button on the home menu) but not turn it back on. I must use the TV box remote to turn it on and turn on TV at the same time.

    I rolled back to r0003, and then update to r0004, and r0005 after that. All operations were done through ./update folder. It now works fine with playback of 4K HEVC 10bit videos.

    I'm not sure the issue was related to subtitles. All test videos listed above do not contains embedded subtitles in TXT format.
    afl1, I noticed you added MediaPortal TV server in your latest I am not familiar with MediaPortal. Is your MediaPortal TV server supports USB TV tuner like the TVHeadend, more specifically USB ATSC TV tuner? or it's just a pvr addon?

    I was using a USB TV tuner with my RPi2 running TVHeadend, but it was abandoned after the RPi2 could no long support 10bit HEVC.

    EDIT: After Google for a while, I understand pvr.mediaportal.tvserver is only a pvr addon and not TV server that its name implies. I also found many addons have been compiled for aarch64 architecture for use with S905 and available for download from here , but they are all for LE7.0 i.e. Jarvis build instead of Krypton. Is it possible for you to compile addon service.multimedia.tvheadend for your Krypton build?


    Original MiniMX remote (IR) not working for me
    Other (USB) remotes are working fine...

    I was testing on MiniMX (1GB/8GB) and remote control works fine. Of course, I used the 'remote.conf' file prepared by kostaman.

    However, I had problem with playback of 2160p x265 10bit video contents with the latest build. The box just stayed in UI and halted, rolled back to r0003 and works again. I checked the memory usage before testing, it was only 36% and should be okay.

    I loaned my Mini M8S II (as well as 4K video test files) to a friend last Friday to test his new 4K TV. I have only limited 4K video contents to test. Not yet tested your latest build on my other 2GB/16GB devices.


    I confirm that 008 version of kszaq works perfectly from SD on my MINIM8S II (8GB ROM with 2GB RAM) . It has hevc 10bit hardware acceleration, something i was trying to fix long time as the initial firmware doesn't support it although S905X supports it. Wifi works, everything works, even the remote control works quite well. The remote control can even turn the device off and on.
    The only thing I can't make it work is audio via Optical toslink output. On settings i see 2 hdmi and 1 Bluetooth outputs. I've tried them but couldn't make the Spdif work. I haven't tried passthrough. If it works i can get audio via my tv's toslink.
    Also CEC i think worked but now it's dead.
    Thanks a lot kszaq for the good work. I hope you can fix also toslink and CEC. :)

    I also own a Mini M8S II (2G/8G, I loan it to my friend last Friday to test with his new 4K TV though). Optical output or SPDIF has been working from the very early days. Once you select HDMI audio output on System Settings menu, audio will output through SPDIF at the same time. Of course, I only connect the optical output to my AV receiver. You said 'I can get audio via my tv's toslink', it might be some misunderstanding. TV's toslink is only for optical audio output, not for audio input, at least in North America. TV Audio input always comes from HDMI, and then output the audio signal to your AV receiver via toslink.

    For 'passthrough', it means your Mini M8S II will not process (or doing any conversion) on the audio track(s) and pass it out to your AV receiver through HDMI or SPDIF.

    As for CEC, I found it works flawlessly (except suspend) with all my TVs since 005 or even before that (2 Toshiba, 1 Panansonic and 1 LG). Usually you need to turn this feature of your TV on first, then it will recognize how many devices connected to the TV are using CEC.

    Thanks for the MPEG2 fix. May I ask whether driver for USB ATSC tuner (not internal) included in your build?

    Also found Beta 4 of Kodi Krypton has just been released, will you keep up with this soon?

    Guys, remote control on my Beelink MiniMX III (2G/16G) is still not working!?
    It was working fine on 005, broke on 008 (also tried 007 with no luck)
    I tried this method "kostaman prepared different remote.conf files for two different remotes here LibreELEC post #461" but this still isn't working :( help!

    Did you try both 'remote.conf' files provided by kostaman? My Beelink MiniMX III works with the 2nd one (the one with photo) on kostaman post.

    What if we already have installed Libreelec on the NAND? Any way to use those files in order to make the remote work again?

    I had never installed LibreELEC on NAND, but I believe you can still copy the remote.conf to the /Configfiles directory using Samba share and reboot. In some case, I used this method.

    I'm running the same box, version 8, I used gxbb_p200_2G_1Gbit_RealtekWiFi I now think the wifi is a lot better.

    I thought the back button was working in the newest build, but if not there is a fix. I can't find it at the moment. Someone added something to the keyboard.

    I never had problem with remote control on Beelink MiniMX III (2G/16G) or Beelink MiniMX (1G/8G) with latest dev build/007/008/afl1's Krypton builds. All of them used the same dtb file as yours. First of all, I used mostly TV remote control control with CEC (because of more media control keys and less remote control to handle). I just tested the remote control that came with the Beelink and the 'Back' key was working.

    Whenever I prepare the mSD card with Win32Diskimager, I copy the corresponding dtb and remote.conf to the card before I plugged it into the TV box. kostaman prepared different remote.conf files for two different remotes here LibreELEC post #461 and both of them are working, at least on all of my TV boxes. Perhaps you got a different remote control came with your box but you can give them a try.

    Hi, i'm running a first gen Beelink MiniMX 1gb ram, 8gb storage, it had a version of Openelec and one day it updated to LibreElec by itself, i'm wondering how to update it to LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.007 ALPHA.

    I'm hoping it's as easy as dropping the update package in the update folder and rebooting but i'm not sure what version i'm meant to get, the only aarch64 build says its for oDroid c2.

    Thanks, sorry :)

    Guess you were running Alex's OpenELEC build on you Beelink MiniMX (as I did also) and then it was updated to Alex's LibreELEC build. LibreELEC officially only supports several hardware platform, e.g. RPi, RPi2, Odroid C2 etc. Hence the official Krypton v7.90.007 ALPHA couldn't run on your Beelink MiniMX.

    Perhaps you can try afl1's Krypton build, it is running nicely on my MiniMX or waiting for kszaq Krypton build of which I hope will be released pretty soon. Either way, you need to go through the post on this forum on how to install these builds. I doubt you can simply upgrade from you current Alex's build, though I had not tried it this way.

    Important !!!

    Disable in Settings->Player settings->Videos-> Accelerate MPEG2 and MPEG4.

    In HW amcodec is MPEG2 decoding broken and if it is enabled can cause stuttering in H264. Ones this stuttering happends is permanent and only reset is reboot.

    Thanks for the heads up. How about H264 acceleration setting, disable or not? Does it only affect the PVRs?