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    Hi all, I have a 2016 vintage Amlogic Mini M8S s905 (NOT s905x) and so far I haven't been able to find a DTB.IMG file which will give me audio and bluetooth with my device - has anyone had any luck and can recommend a file please? Thank you.

    It should be one of these.

    Index of /s905/device_trees/S905/

    do you know if your box is a p200 or p201 ? try to find the one that matches your hardware as best as possible and rename to dtb.img.

    If this power is used as CPU Load because of lacking support of Amlogic,

    I was watching a movie last night for the first time on a s905. It was 1080p. I was watching top on a laptop just to keep an eye on it every once in a while. CPU never jumped past 30% and was averaging less than 15%. Load was 0 on all cores the whole time. I'm curious what settings you are using. I think the main thing you want is to make sure audio is passed through to your AV receiver and that you aren't doing any upscaling/downscaling of the video or upmixing/downmixing of the audio.

    I am migrating from an RPI B 2 as well and testing for performance. I'm curious what video you were testing and what your settings are.

    just wanted to report to kszaq that latest build 8.0.2d (2017-06-27) is working great on my MXQ Pro 4k (s905 - p201) box.

    It sees WiFi networks, plays video flawlessly etc.

    I have not used the LIRC build (to use the IR remote the box came with) but I am using my regular TV remote over HDMI-CEC.

    I do have one question, what process are you guys using to write to local flash memory on your boxes?

    I am still running off of SD card since I am upgrading from my other Raspberry Pi B 2 based LibreELEC system.

    I think I got a problem. Not sure.


    fix: Weird. I changed Number of channels from 2.1 to 2.0 and now it works. I have a subwoofer though ??

    Try enabling audio passthrough in expert mode in the settings. If you are using a receiver for surround sound etc this is what you want to let the receiver do the decoding work. This is just a general KODI setting to be aware of and you can pick what capabilities your AVR is capable of decoding but it might also fix your audio issue.