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    How do I install img.gz?

    If you have not run LibreElec on your M8S before, then you need to first activate multi-boot from an image written to USB (you only do this once)

    I noticed you also posted in this thread... [S812] MIII Plus 2Gb\16Gb eMMC

    If you read page #1 you will find a lot of tips...especially post #11 about multi-boot and installing img.gz (I think "Download img.xz" was meant to be "Download img.gz)

    Also, I used a USB stick to write img.gz because I kept getting corrupt errors when using SD card.

    Even though I tried LibreElec 9 (Kodi 18 Leia) and it worked, I'm not using it because (1) whitelist does not contain all the required framrates (2) cannot get Dolby Digital 5.1 passthrough (3) no remote control support

    I reverted back to Kodi 17.6 Krypton which has all those things working. (LibreELEC-S812.arm-17.6_20180106-MXIII_Plus.img.gz as in post #1)

    Take button 1 on the remote as an example. The code for button 1 is "0x52" and you can assign the function KEY_POWER to the remote button with

    0x52 KEY_POWER

    OK, thanks for the explanation.

    I took your example above and assigned KEY_POWER to button 1 as 0x52 KEY_POWER

    After restarting Kodi, it worked, button 1 switched off the box.

    However, I would actually like to assign (for example) the letter "O" to button 1, so I re-wrote it as...

    0x52 KEY_O

    After restarting Kodi, button 1 does nothing. Any ideas why its not working?

    (the letter "O" brings up codec info on screen during video playback.)

    senzalice, you can assign any function you want to a key on the remote. In my example, I've assigned several handy functions to the mouse key, the number keys etc on my remote. There are more information at Kodi's forum regarding the different key functions I've listed below.

    Thanks for the codes list @CI6N0Z, very handy, but unfortunately I could not get any to work.

    The three keys mentioned previously, the mouse, the DEL and search, would be nice if I could assign the letters "O" , "Z" and "I"

    During any video playback, "O" gives codec info of source video, "Z" gives playback info like fps, aspect ratio, resolution...and "I" gives info about the video.

    I even tried assigning the letters "O" , "Z" and "I" to numbers 1, 2, and 3 but no luck.

    You mentioned "In my example, I've assigned several handy functions to the mouse key"....sorry, but where is the example?

    Here is my remote table:

    # table M8SPRO, type: NEC

    0x0f KEY_NUMERIC_0

    0x52 KEY_NUMERIC_1

    0x50 KEY_NUMERIC_2

    0x10 KEY_NUMERIC_3

    0x56 KEY_NUMERIC_4

    0x54 KEY_NUMERIC_5

    0x14 KEY_NUMERIC_6

    0x4e KEY_NUMERIC_7

    0x4c KEY_NUMERIC_8

    0x0c KEY_NUMERIC_9

    0x1a KEY_ENTER

    0x06 KEY_UP

    0x16 KEY_DOWN

    0x5a KEY_LEFT

    0x1b KEY_RIGHT

    0x45 KEY_MENU

    0x05 KEY_BACK



    0x0b KEY_NEXT


    0x59 KEY_POWER

    0x0d KEY_HOME # home

    0x12 KEY_O # mouse

    0x51 KEY_Z # DEL

    0x19 KEY_MUTE

    0x22 KEY_I # Search

    I just assume it will work, normally I'll test first but I'm away so... please let me know the result ;)

    (1) Menu button works - pops up context-menu

    (2) Mouse button does nothing (tried F5 and FN)

    (3) Search does nothing

    (4) Del <--- works but only acts like a back key (goes back to previous menu)...even when used while typing text.

    I think I'm happy with the remote and the few non-working keys are no big deal.

    Thanks for your help.

    I have an M8S PRO+ and the remote is identical to the one in post #243

    I have successfully found all the key scan codes as explained in post #1 and need to make a map

    However, the link in post #1 ...

    "Now with the keycodes you need to create your map you can look at for an example" not working.

    Has anyone got the correct link to the example?

    Hello senzalice,

    It sounds that you don't use the right dtb.img file. Inside the external installation media (usb-stick or sd-card) is a folder called device_trees. You have to copy the file xxx.dtb (the one that fits your hardware) to the root of the instllation media. Then rename the file to dtb.img.

    Hi tmm68,

    As mentioned in my first post above, I used balbes150 Kodi 18 (Leia) image for S812 (see link in post #1 of this thread)

    The image I selected was LibreELEC-S812.arm-9.0-devel-20180718-130923-f2dced1-MXIII_Plus.img.gz

    And after installing to USB stick, there is just one dtb.img (there is no folder called device_trees)

    I have googled Amlogic device trees for S812 but have had no luck finding any.

    Thanks for helping.

    I know asking this would be silly but have you put the battery in the remote? Is the remote working in Android?

    Yes...remote works fine in Android.

    When I start SSH and issue these commands...

    systemctl stop kodi

    systemctl stop eventlircd

    ...kodi stops and screen goes blank.

    If I then issue ...

    systemctl start eventlircd

    systemctl start kodi

    Kodi comes back on screen as normal....therefore I must be doing it right.

    Except that I get NO response when issuing ir-keytable -t


    For Kodi Laila the remote.conf method works nevermore. Now it works with rc_maps.cfg.

    Read post no. one carefully.

    White and tmm68, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

    After re-reading post #1 (LE9.0 remote configs ir-keytable Amlogic devices) , I had a go at scanning for IR codes for my remote.

    I used SSH to stop Kodi and Lirc with systemctl stop kodi and systemctl stop eventlircd

    I know this worked because Kodi was frozen on screen.

    Then I used ir-keytable -t and got the message to start pressing keys on my remote.

    However, at this point nothing happened. I did not get any scan codes.

    I also tried ir-keytable -c -p nec -t and ir-keytable -c -p rc-6 -t and ir-keytable -c -p all -t with no luck.

    Is there something i'm missing...or doing wrong?

    Hi balbes150,

    I have successfully installed and run your Kodi 18 (Leia) images for S812 - on an M8S OTT box (AP6330) on a USB stick.

    I have tried both the MXIII_Plus and LAN_100 images and they work fine...except for the remote control.

    I'm using the original remote control that came with the M8S.

    I have tried a couple of "remote.conf" with no luck (from an M8 and an M8S)

    Do you know of any "remote.conf" file that might work?


    I've just finished reading 58 pages. I have cut and pasted numerous posts on how to install and run this build on an SD card so that I can try to make sense of it and I have to say its very confusing.

    I've done the reading a few times and its not clear how to install to me either.

    I have a Minix X8H-Plus and it's currently running Krypton from a balbes150 build on USB.

    I've just downloaded "LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.rc1-X8H-PLUS.img.gz" and placed it in the update folder along with the ".nocompat" file

    On reboot, it found the update, did the decompression etc...and then went into reboot.

    The Minix green robot came up on screen and I thought "it's finally worked" !!!

    But sadly.....after a few seconds, the green robot disappeared and the screen went black...and that's where it stayed. :(