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    Hey guys, I just installed plex server but can't access it through the Web browser until I forward the right port. Can anyone help me with that please?

    Thank you very much

    Which one did you install? What do you mean by "forward the right port"?

    Need more info on what you did

    Navigate to your letsencrypt addon config folder. Under nginx/proxy-confs you'll see two nextcloud confs, one for subdomain, and another for subfolder.

    Pick one, follow the instructions at the top of the file to make the necessary changes to your nextcloud config, and then rename that proxy conf file to remove sample at the end (so it becomes blah.conf).

    When you reboot, you should be able to access nextcloud through your domain and either subdomain and subfolder.

    The full instructions for reverse proxy are linked from the letsencrypt image description at GitHub - linuxserver/docker-letsencrypt

    Keep in mind that the libreelec docker addons by lsio already run in the same user defined bridge network so you don't have to change that.

    That's the x86_64 image. You need to use the arm version:

    If you're new to docker, don't bother with building. Pull already built images from the hub. Stick to images with good documentation, and ones that list the source repo.

    Check out the stickied post about docker on le in the addons section of this forum.

    Check out for a bunch of images with good docs (I'm part of that team)

    If you have any questions about those images, you can join the discord channel listed on that website

    Thanks I just did that, but even after restarting inside plex when I go and select movies it shows it as empty, is that because it's a smb mapping ?
    I double checked in kodi I can see the content of the smb mapping

    What do you mean by "restarting inside plex"?

    As long as plex starts "after" smb mounts, it should work. I have my shares nfs mounted a similar way.

    But if the shares are dismounted or remounted while docker is running, plex won't see the files anymore. The shares have to be mounted first and remain mounted

    Sorry it took me a bit to get my test environment set up again.

    I talked to the team members and they let me know that everything resides inside "/sync" inside the container, which is by default mapped to "/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/docker.linuxserver.resilio-sync/sync" on libreelec. But you can change that in the addon settings.

    The resilio-sync client runs as user nobody (65534) so all the files in that sync folder should be owned by that.

    I set up a fresh resilio-sync addon on my libreelec vm and I can go to add folder (standard), hit "new folder" and create one. All those newly created folders are under "/sync". I didn't have any issues.

    The addon creates those folders and changes ownership to user nobody on start.

    See the attached screenshots.

    Can you describe your environment a bit more? By the way, don't manually edit the settings.xml or the sync.conf. They are all managed by the addon and they'll break it completely.

    EDIT: Did you by any chance select a folder on a remote mount as the sync location? If the remote mount didn't allow chowning that location as user nobody, that would be the issue.

    I tried the image on an ubuntu host and didn't have permission errors. I'll try it on LE when I get a chance.

    I haven't used resilio sync before and I'm getting confused on how one is supposed to set it up.

    I'll talk to other team members who use it and will follow up here

    I suggested duckdns as a service, not necessarily the docker for it. Any client should work pretty much the same. Router would be fine.