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    I just set up a fresh instance on a chromebox running LE 8.2 and after setting up with an sqlite database, I have no issues logging in and using it.

    Can you provide more info?

    Which LE distribution? X86? Arm?

    Are you using the LE box's IP address to access, or a domain name forwarded?

    Check the nginx logs under the config folder, both access and error and they might tell you what's wrong.

    Wait, you got a refund and kept the box? How?

    I soft bricked mine, but then was able to revive it with the usb burning tool in something something nand mode (shorting pins on the mobo) and flashed android tv 7.1 on it. It seems to work now, but I worry that it may die any day

    Docker and linuxserver? Awesome! Can't wait to try it.


    Sure, if you go to the addon settings for nextcloud, you can change the https port to 444 or anything else there

    Updating via web ui is not recommended for docker containers as they often use non traditional service managers.

    Linuxserver docker images are refreshed once a week on Friday to pick up various package updates.

    The libreelec addon/container updates its image when you restart your box, or if you disable and re-enable the addon

    Thanks for testing. Did you use it with a usb device? Zwave perhaps? If so, was the default usb address in the settings correct?

    I just created a domoticz docker addon if anybody wants to test. I don't have a usb device to test with at the moment so I need someone to let me know whether it works or not before we publish it.

    Here is the zip, you can install manually on LE:

    Keep in mind that the first time the container is started it will create dhparams, which could take a long time especially on low powered systems (somewhere between a few minutes to 2 hours) so be patient. Once the dhparams is created, the webserver will start. In the meantime, you can check with "docker logs docker.linuxserver.domoticz" to see the progress.

    The usb device is disabled by default, you would have to enable in the addon settings and make sure the device location is correct.

    What would be the command for domotics one since there are so many on hub.docker? Are those at all compatible with rpi and libreelec?


    I just saw this thread. I'll start testing the domoticz image on LE and if it works well, I'll go ahead and create an addon for it, which will be in the Linuxserver repo.