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    You can't use an nfs:// address as a location map, docker does not recognize that. You need to mount the nfs share in libreelec to a local path, and use that local path in addon settings

    Glad to hear it installed.

    The avahi errors are harmless, it's because libreelec/coreelec already has avahi running and the one in the container complains, but the addon turns it off shortly after the container starts.

    I'm not sure what that framework error is, the line is cut off and I can't see. Hopefully that's also harmless.

    With regards to volume mappings, pay attention to the addon settings. There, you are mapping the container folders /data/movies and /data/tvshows to folders on the host. By default they are /storage/videos and /storage/tvshows. So if you place a file in /storage/videos on coreelec, inside the container (or in plex settings) it will show up under /data/movies.


    Yup, that's exactly the issue. I'll try and fix that at some point, but in all honesty, my priority is always libreelec. We don't officially support coreelec. Also none of our team members at linuxserver run coreelec so we can't easily test that either.

    In the short term, you can modify the following file and replace LIBREELEC_ARCH with COREELEC_ARCH and disable and reenable the addon and it should work (don't uninstall)

    1. /storage/.kodi/addons/docker.linuxserver.plex/bin/docker.linuxserver.plex

    keep in mind that if you ever uninstall and reinstall the addon, you'll have to edit that file again

    Hmm the error is docker reference format, which suggests that there is an issue with one of the parameters. Did you change any of the addon settings? If so, go back to default and try again.

    If not, it could be an issue with coreelec. I suspect the way I determine the arch is no longer working. They probably renamed it.

    Here's my logic to determine whether it's x86_64 or arm: "sed -e '/LIBREELEC_ARCH/ !d' -e 's/[^.]*\.\([^"]*\).*/\1/' /etc/os-release"

    If they renamed it to COREELEC_ARCH that would surely break it.

    Can you do "cat /etc/os-release" and post the output?


    I managed to download Plex image manually and run it through commands. Does this help? See attached.

    But still nothing under:

    That doesn't help. Please delete all instances of plex and reinstall the linuxserver addon. And then get the systemd logs

    The other commands need a container name, which I don't have. I posted log earlier. Unless you mean a different log?

    The service/container name is "docker.linuxserver.plex"

    "systemctl status docker.linuxserver.plex.service" will tell you the current status of the systemd service that is responsible for creating and starting the container

    "journalctl -u docker.linuxserver.plex.service" will show you the log

    Since you mentioned there is no running container on your system when the addon is enabled, there must have been an error with systemd. We need to see the log to troubleshoot that.

    I just installed the addon on a fresh test instance and it fired right up

    I installed add-on Repo. And then I installed docker add-on and Plex Media Server. Which I can't access through a web browser, because I was told that I have to forward a port between Docker and PMS, otherwise I won't be able to access it...

    Anyway, if there's any easier way to install PMS, I'm all ears :)

    Thank you

    Don't know who told you that but that's inaccurate.

    Post a log or I can't help you

    See instructions in the pinned post about the docker addons in addon support

    I installed PMS through Docker and apparently, the port Plex is listening to has to be forwarded. Because when I try to access PMS through http://192.168.1.xx:32400/web it won't open.

    Did you install through the linuxserver docker addon or in docker yourself through command line or portainer?

    The addon has plex run in host mode, so all ports should be exposed on the host automatically.

    How did you conclude the port has to be forwarded?

    Did you check the logs? Is plex running?

    Hey guys, I just installed plex server but can't access it through the Web browser until I forward the right port. Can anyone help me with that please?

    Thank you very much

    Which one did you install? What do you mean by "forward the right port"?

    Need more info on what you did

    Navigate to your letsencrypt addon config folder. Under nginx/proxy-confs you'll see two nextcloud confs, one for subdomain, and another for subfolder.

    Pick one, follow the instructions at the top of the file to make the necessary changes to your nextcloud config, and then rename that proxy conf file to remove sample at the end (so it becomes blah.conf).

    When you reboot, you should be able to access nextcloud through your domain and either subdomain and subfolder.

    The full instructions for reverse proxy are linked from the letsencrypt image description at GitHub - linuxserver/docker-letsencrypt

    Keep in mind that the libreelec docker addons by lsio already run in the same user defined bridge network so you don't have to change that.

    That's the x86_64 image. You need to use the arm version:

    If you're new to docker, don't bother with building. Pull already built images from the hub. Stick to images with good documentation, and ones that list the source repo.

    Check out the stickied post about docker on le in the addons section of this forum.

    Check out for a bunch of images with good docs (I'm part of that team)

    If you have any questions about those images, you can join the discord channel listed on that website

    Thanks I just did that, but even after restarting inside plex when I go and select movies it shows it as empty, is that because it's a smb mapping ?
    I double checked in kodi I can see the content of the smb mapping

    What do you mean by "restarting inside plex"?

    As long as plex starts "after" smb mounts, it should work. I have my shares nfs mounted a similar way.

    But if the shares are dismounted or remounted while docker is running, plex won't see the files anymore. The shares have to be mounted first and remain mounted