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    Hi kszaq,

    Thanks for these builds. They work great on my Nexbox A95x S905x box. Although, I did just notice an issue.

    I leave my box on 24/7. Yesterday, I noticed that kodi service (just the service not the box) has been restarting itself every once in a while (while idle, with the screen off). Yesterday, it happened at 5:41pm and again at 11:45pm. Memory usage is very low at around 28% (2GB version).

    Here's the crashlog: GBZW
    I do have a couple of docker containers running in the background (they have been uninterrupted through these kodi restarts). Not many other addons otherwise and the box is mostly a fresh build (got it a few days ago). Is there anything in the crashlog that suggests an issue?

    In the meantime, I'll keep monitoring and will provide a debug log later.


    EDIT: Journaltcl gave me this for the time of the last crash:

    Just set up my s905x box and installed the plex docker addon. I am able to play videos from plex on the same machine using the official plex addon for kodi.

    Is your Box is a Nexbox A95x S905 ??
    If it is , That is Normal Behaviour using LE and you have to live with it.

    I'm confused, I have the Nexbox A95x, which is S905X. Is there a different S905 version?

    Mine turns on and off with the remote and I didn't put in a custom remote.conf, just the default.

    For the dtb, there are only two files for S905X, one for 1GB and another for 2GB

    When you go to the libreelec website, under the download section, select the one named generic.

    Make sure your nuc has vt-d as it is required for gpu passthrough.

    I've been running LE in a VM with an nvidia gpu passed through in kvm/qemu (vmware should also work). I believe there is a way to passthrough the on-board intel gpu to a VM (there is in qemu, not sure about vmware), which means the host OS and other VMs would have to run headless (since you can't put in discrete gpus in a nuc?!?)

    I would really recommend that you build a custom pc where you can add additional gpus and put in a cheap nvidia like the GT710 for host and LE can use the onboard intel gpu since that one supports 10bit h265 via hardware in linux. The nuc is not really meant to be a server

    Duly noted, thanks.

    One last thing. When the docker starts, if I go to my System Info window, the IP address of the LE box shows as

    If I issue docker stop and stop all containers, the IP address is restored to the correct one. And upon restart of docker reverts back to Any way to fix this? When I was manually running docker I think I was able to solve this by appending "--net=host" to the docker start command.

    It's just a visual bug. Kodi retrieves all network interfaces from os and displays the first ip from that list in the gui. When docker is running, there are multiple network interfaces and the first ip happens to be the one for docker's internal virtual interface ip.

    Don't worry, it doesn't actually change kodi's ip address.

    In fact, I have a fire tv running kodi and it shows a weird ip that is not even in my lan ip range, within kodi. But I can connect to it through the fire tv's ip. The one shown in kodi must be some internal virtual lan used by the fire tv.

    These are the display settings of my laptop

    My goal is to record a tutorial of LibreElec. An other solution is to buy a hdmi cloner box or something. But i would realy like it to run in virtualbox. Can I use TeamViewer? Or other remote software?

    Wait, are you still trying it in VirtualBox? Please read through the thread. It's been stated multiple times that it doesn't work in VirtualBox. You need to use vmware

    Thank you for your awesome help!

    Some guidance with portainer please! So I installed it, enter the web UI from my windows PC, create a password, log in. After that in the connection page I have to enter remote connection, right? But here if I enter the IP address of my machine running LE/ portainer docker what happens if the IP address changes after reboots? And after connecting it took me to a dashboard where my running plex container was not listed. Everything was 0. Anything needed to be configured under networks etc? If there is some guide, please do point to it.

    No, you have to select the local option. Even though you are connecting remotely, portainer is running on the same machine docker service is running on, so it needs to connect to the local service.

    Once you do that, all containers and images should show up.

    Just a word of caution, don't use portainer to manage linuxserver addon installed containers, because the addons have their built in start, stop mechanisms through systemd and stopping and starting them through portainer will cause issues.

    You should use portainer to only manage containers you create through portainer itself.

    Glad to hear it worked. Unfortunately Linuxserver does not have a docker image for lms, so no addon for it.

    But I believe there are some images on docker hub made by others. You can install them through portainer

    When you reboot, it tries to update the docker image first. If there is no update, it starts right away. But if there's an update, it will download and extract it first, and then start the container.

    Plex docker image is fairly large and on wifi download may take longer, and with low powered devices the extraction may add more time.

    Portainer does the same thing too, but its image is tiny so the delay is not noticeable.

    I think I just found a bug. If you don't have the timezone set in the settings, the script hits an error early and never does anything. Can you check in your settings to see whether the timezone is set or not? It is under interface settings/regional


    Did you use the generic build? That one pretty much requires a real gpu with 3d drivers.

    There is a "virtual" build out there that works with vmware's drivers but I don't believe it works with VirtualBox. And it is for development purposes, not for production because the gui can be pretty sluggish.

    If you want to run LE in a vm for production you need to passthrough a gpu

    I'm trying to get the linuxserver docker addons working but though I can see them as installed and enabled, I can't access the web interface of any of the installed dockers. The output of the commands as suggested by you are at this post


    What platform are you on and what version of le? Is this the same system you installed Plex docker on through command line? "docker images" should show all the images downloaded. Yours doesn't show any. That is very strange because that's the first thing the addon does and I can't think of why it fails. Maybe out of disk space? Or Internet connection failure?

    After enabling the addons, how long did you wait? Can you do "top" in terminal (after enabling) and see whether it is attempting to download the images?

    You know, I never tried to play on the same device that plex server was running on. I tried it on a chromebox and an rpi3 but tested playing on other clients.

    What exactly is the issue with playback? Is it buffering? Stuttering? Not starting at all?

    A couple of things I can think of are, s905 is an arm processor, not a whole lot of cpu power. You can ssh in check the cpu usage while attempting to play.

    Disk or network io may also be the problem. I'm not sure if plex recognizes that the server and the client are running on the same machine, because docker uses its own virtual lan that is bridged. Maybe plex is trying to transcode, thinking it's a remote server? I'm not sure. Can you see in plexkodiconnect whether it is direct playing or not?

    EDIT: I have an s905 box on order, which should be here next week. I'll certainly try it on there.