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    Installed the newest build yesterday and loving it so thanks.

    Is there a way to map the slice remote buttons as with new Jodi the up and down arrows control volume and before it was used to do longer skips forward/ backward

    You can use the standard keymap editing method for Kodi, there are addons for Kodi to help with this but I haven't used it... But the default keys have now been changed and therefore up/down just give you volume up / down... But I've got used to the multi press left / right to do various sized skips...


    The CM3 will definitely need some form of heatsink, I get the temp gauge when updating the library, will have a test with some heatsinks this weekend

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    This is my solution to the CM3 heat problem... Its a few layers of copper sheet cut with heatsink compound between each layer and then araldite applied around the outside (not between the layers!). Finally some heatsink compound on the 2837 chip on the CM3 and you've got an awesome heatsink...


    Like RPi3 the CM3 has no hardware decoding support for H.265 and with the stock config.txt it can *almost* handle the format in software. If you apply a little overclock in config.txt it seems to cope. I haven't found the time to convert a large 40GB-ish Blu-Ray rip for testing but for normal HD broadcast things I record from the BBC and a couple of other online places it's been fine. NB: The thermometer icon shows permanently in the top-right corner of the screen due to the CPU load but Gordon has voiced good results adding a small passive heatsink, so that's on my to-do list.

    Are you sure it's on permanently? That doesn't sound right... I've added a slug of copper between the CM and the case lid and added some heatsink compound between the two...