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    Hello users😃

    Just wondering if any more work is going to happen with our trusty MX2 box?

    I'm using the lastest build LibreELEC 9.0.1and it's working great.

    Thanks for all your work,help and support👍👊👏


    All up and running using LE 9.0.1 I updated using the method above, thanks.:thumbup:

    First things I noticed my volume button is working again on my MS keyboard which is great,also the gdrive app is working like a champ.

    Anyone using the aeon tajo skin,I think it has a lot of potential!

    Word out


    Hello all

    I've been using libreelec 8.0.2 on my mx2 box (and it's great!)

    But am I missing something?

    Where is the libreelec 9 install from recovery zip file,I would sure like to use the new Kodi 18.

    A updated method of installing libreelec 9 when you have already 8 installed would be great.

    Thanks Marrs

    Hello All:)

    My Story..

    I had installed the previous version 8.0.1 and quickly returned to codesnakes version of Openelec because of the really SLOW interface:@

    BUT after the new KODI warnings I decided to update to V 8.0.2 and this time used a class 6 micro sd,WOW thats made ALL the difference,so FAST and smooth,Im never going back.8)

    Thanks KOPRajs :thumbup:

    p.s. Yeah I didnt use the internal storage for version 8.0.1 just a class 2 card (i think)

    I didnt think that was the problem but Im SURE it was!?