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    Does anyone know of a web-based way to do this? i.e. get a nice EPG in table form in a browser from TVH and be able to record things, etc.

    Alternatively, is the protocol described anywhere for clients (such as Kodi) to get TVH's EPG data?

    A TCP/IP networking newbie question... I'd like to be able to access the web interface of TVH, running on a RPi3 with LIbreELEC, from the outside internet. The Pi has a reserved DHCP address in the 10.1.1.x range, and it and some other Windows PC's are on a network behind a router. My ISP won't give me a static IP address (I'd have to join a more expensive plan) and I don't need a full VPN server to access the rest of the network. I would create a locked down user in TVH that restricts access to the TV guide and little else. What are my options?

    Sorry if this is a noob question. is it possible to do a LE backup, including the TVH setup, from an ssh command line? I know I can do it from inside Kodi, but the Rpi is in a small cupboard with no monitor nearby (it's used only as a TVH server). I really only care about TVH, but it doesn't seem to have a backup option that I can see.

    Failing any success here, I will power off and clone the SD card, but just wondering.