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    If somebody could help me out with this I'd really appreciate it :)... I did the command over ssh and now when it boots I get the librellec logo then when kodi would normally start I get a black screen. I have purchased a new hdmi 2.1 cable and connected directly to the tv but it's still the same.. is there any way I can make this box work with 10bit or how can I set it back to normal so I can atleast get my picture back


    Hi would somebody please be able to tell me how to enable the 10bit output as described here:..

    10bit output on capable hardware:

    • On a new boot before any other playback has been performed, run the following: echo '444,10bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr
    • This only needs to be set once each boot, so it can be put in /storage/.config/
    • This shouldn't affect any 8 bit output either and can be set unconditionally (as above).
    • Testing has been very limited thus far.

    my device is mecool m8s pro s912

    Thanks in advance!

    kszaq thanks again for the latest update but it seems to have caused a problem with passthrough audio.. mecool m8s pro 3gb s912 .. dts & dolby passthrough was working fine on 8.0.2a but now I have updated to 8.0.2c dolby works but dts has high pitched "chipmunk" voices. As soon as I turn pass through off the sound returns to normal

    amazing work kszaq thankyou!! Installs and works great on my mecool m8spro s912 3gb.. only bug I've come across since I installed it is it freezes and requires a hard reboot when I try to fast forward or rewind

    Please keep up the good work!!