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    OK, I formatted the SD card, then I used the downloaded .img.gz from 20170801, extracted the .img file and then burned that to the SD card. I did not remove or add any files to the card. Then I put the SD card into the box, used the toothpick method and nothing happened after 60 seconds. When I removed the toothpick the GoogleTV image comes up, then disappears after maybe 10 seconds and the 120 second/ automatic repair message appears on the top left of the box.

    When I remove the card and boot the box goes into Android successfully.

    I have attached a snip of the files that are on the card.

    Note that I did use the update&backup app to install the aml_autoscript files prior to trying your method.

    Thanks for your help.

    Try a USB stick as every time i get the 120 seconds message it will only work on USB and not SD card

    Added a test image Minix\20170609.


    I have just tested Minix\20170609 it will not boot from SD card says filesystem corruption has been detected

    it was the same if i tried update TAR but it does boot from USB

    LAN works BT works but Wifi connects but does not work

    if i just connect to Wifi and remove Ethernet and reboot it starts back up but can't select anything from menu

    Thanks for your efforts again

    balbes150 The update tar (Minix\20170606) booted

    I went into LibreELEC settings no Wifi option in Network only wired BT as now stopped working

    line of script under LibreELEC (community) - version: 17.3 says

    [FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

    See systemct status systemd-modules-load.service for details

    Thanks again for your efforts

    put the update tar from (20170605) working fine again BT working no Wifi must keep Wifi switched off otherwise box freeze



    P: /devices/platform/aml_sdio.0/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1

    E: DEVPATH=/devices/platform/aml_sdio.0/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1

    E: DRIVER=bcmsdh_sdmmc

    E: MODALIAS=sdio:c00v02D0d4335

    E: SDIO_CLASS=00

    E: SDIO_ID=02D0:4335

    E: SUBSYSTEM=sdio

    E: SYSTEMD_WANTS=brcmfmac_sdio-firmware-aml.service

    E: TAGS=:systemd:

    E: USEC_INITIALIZED=22134042


    Module Size Used by

    hidp 11852 1

    hci_uart 41035 1

    8021q 16069 0

    bnep 9412 2

    mali 161349 5

    btsdio 2450 0

    bluetooth 194838 30 bnep,hidp,btsdio,hci_uart

    hid_logitech_dj 9583 0

    dhd 659559 0

    cfg80211 204414 1 dhd

    mark2 that's really strange- I'm using the 20170605 build indeed, I have even reinstalled it.

    BT is switched on, but when going to the Bluetooth tab in Settings, "No Bluetooth adapter found".

    No LAN, no Wi-Fi, which is why I'm now using the MKIII_Plus build of 20170605 which works smooth and with fast LAN at least and otherwise works smoothly.

    It is strange that BT is working on your Minix, because both BT and Wi-Fi are on the same AP6335/BCM4339.

    Arcee Yes this is a strange one as we both have same boxes you can try this

    Make sure Wifi turned off in LibreElec settings reboot box then try BT also connect LAN

    IF it crashes or freezes pull power cord then restart

    I have also had LibreElec settings not ready yet all problems from Wifi switched on


    Do I understand correctly that the image version Minix 20170605 in the list set visible and available WiFi hotspot ? If you try to connect to Wi-Fi TV box hangs ? You can connect to the LE via SSH and run multiple commands ?

    To All

    Pay attention - check to run when you run "clean" system (when running from external media). If you try to run through the upgrade of an existing system, very often the old settings interfere to determine exactly where the error is.

    balbes150 Yes that is correct Minix image 20170605 when I switch Wifi on it finds my connection

    It also finds other connections nearby but when I select connect it does say ready it does not say online

    I just tried again selected wifi and connect rebooted with Ethernet disconnected

    It won't reboot past the Kodi v17.3 screen just freezes

    I then pull power cord insert Ethernet cable reboot fine and runs fine until I go in settings

    Also after restarting I went in LibreElec settings to turn off wifi then the box freeze

    @Acree The version i used was (20170605) MKIII_Plus tar file which is the same as you no Wifi Lan works BT works

    I then done a clean install of the (20170605) Minix X8H-Plus No Wifi Lan works as it should

    BT works as i connected my Logitech keyboard and used it also after reboot still working

    do you have your Minix antenna attached and have you switched on BT in LibreELEC settings

    " I'm sorry not to be able to agree with Mark2 that we're getting closer - it works less well than the LAN1000 version"

    I think you must be talking about the (20170604) builds as they don't work

    Added test image for Minix H8 Plus. There is only one change - applied the patch on the dtb. Surprisingly this version also works with WiFi and BT on my Tronsmart MXIII Plus. Please, Minix H8 plus check for this option (catalogue MinixH8XPlus\20170605).

    I have done a clean install of this on Minix X8H-Plus BT works Wifi doesn't work

    as soon as you try Wifi it freezes the box have to pull power cord to reboot

    on restart BT won't work until you switch off Wifi as soon as Wifi switched off BT works

    so in conclusion besides Wifi not working everything else just works great

    Thanks again balbes150 for trying to make this work

    I changed the settings and the files for WiFi and BT. Please to those who use image version MXIII_Plus to check the work WiFi and BT. I'm interested in the changes in their work (running or not). The image in the directory 20170605.


    I just tried this update on Minix X8H-Plus you are getting closer with this as now BT Works

    after a few restarts BT is still working so thank you for your work for getting this working

    as for wifi is says connected but it doesn't work

    thanks for trying much appreciated