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    Not sure if we're allowed to link directly, but look for AlexELEC 3.0.3 - the guy that builds these suggests it should work on the S805.

    I haven't tested yet, but his releases are generally stable.

    I've been using 8.0.1k for a few weeks now with my first surround system and I love it! Thank you, kszaq, for all the efforts once again!

    I have a small issue that maybe someone might help me out with - nothing critical, but it's the one thing I haven't figured out yet.

    I have a Samsung 55KS7002 (it's 7000 in other countries I think) connected to an Onkyo HT-S5805 (the receiver itself is HT-R494) using ARC and my S905X box (Mini M8S II) is connected to the BD/DVD HDMI port on the receiver. I have CEC turned on on all the devices and I can control LibreELEC both with my Onkyo remote and with the Smart Remote that the TV has (this one). I would ideally like to use only the Smart Remote, but when I switch the source from TV to Receiver using it (TV menu - Smart Hub), the Receiver stays withTV as the selected audio input and doesn't switch to BD/DVD. It works the other way around - if I'm in Receiver source and watching Kodi and select TV from the TV's remote control via the Samsung TV menu the Onkyo will switch to TV source as well. It's just the opposite that fails. If I simply hit the BD/DVD button on the Onkyo remote both the TV and Receiver go to the proper source so this is what I currently do - hit that once and then use only the TV remote afterwards.

    Any ideas on what could be the solution? I looked into the various settings on the TV, receiver and Kodi, but couldn't figure out a fix. By the way, I'm not turning off the Kodi box via CEC - it's permanently on.

    Thank you for your reply :) All paths were correct and I tried all sorts of combinatons. Seems that it might be something to do with my NAS setup.

    I was able to get it working using cifs and shares are properly mapped at reboot. Hopefully that should take care of the bandwidth issues for me.

    If you're using NFS, I would recommend to try to mount NFS at the OS level (Mounting network shares - OpenELEC).
    Without changing anything and using the same NFS server, I get sluggish performance using the native NFS implementation in Kodi while it works perfectly if I use the same server at the OS level.

    Something similar: NFS (libnfs) Performance

    I'm mapping the shares on OS level, but no files are listed inside the folders. I checked my NAS and permissions look OK, created a new share just in case, I can access the shares from my Windows PC and my Android phone, and I can access them on Kodi/LibreELEC via SMB or UpNP, but not NFS.

    I'm currently automatically mapping them at boot. I tried to use # mount -t nfs /storage/movies2/ -o nolock via SSH and it returned an error which is probably the cause of the issue:
    mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied
    mount: mounting on /storage/movies2/ failed: Bad file descriptor

    The IP for the NAS is correct and so is the share, but even if I change that to an incorrect one it doesn't make any difference and I get the same error.

    I'm not a Linux user so any help is welcome.

    Registered to say THANK YOU for creating this! :cool:

    I just got a Mini M8S II S905X with 1 GB RAM and installed 8.0.1j (2017-05-02) using USB and everything works great! My goal was to be able to play 4K + Atmos from my network drive and it's been flawless so far over an ethernet cable (box not good enough to stream this over wireless).