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    Well since most problems arise from Amlogics crappy & outdated Kernel 3.14.29 & chinese rip-off chipset drivers I don't see why coreELEC should work more reliable since it's basically LibreELEC but with hacks that have such a bad code LE refused to upstream it. But whatever floats your boat & if it works for you... anyway just make sure you publish the code if you make any changes. Since it might be handy for others too.

    Yep, i will do it as soon as i figure out things - newbie here ... in fact either compile from your source or direct CoreELEC pure build does work.
    I'm figure out how to combine things ... i'm total noob on that ... anyway i forked coreelec git, and combine your oem and name folder from the latest git i could, and just make sure that will be no conflicts, its running one compile right now for my s905.

    There a lot to learn before ... docs don't really help ...
    Thx for not be angry with that ... i will comeback if i got error or good image let us see what can we do :)

    New DTB is for new release not old release! It's in the README!!!

    In fact i Know it :D just tried to see what it happens, at least it boots - so far only remote failed .. but i tried just for fun.

    Btw, just like what erbas posted before, if i'm running on internal nand on kii for example, how did i know if i'm on the right dtb ?

    find out the /dev/dtb - but is not code i can read, lot of code mixed with chars and some texts ...

    The same for /sys/class/dtb/emmcdtb

    ... and find out a lot ( almost every dtb on usr/share/bootloader/ ) how do i know i'm on the right version, to replace or play with ?

    isn't it supposed to be on something like /flash/ ??

    If not wrong, if you drop the correct dtb.img in /update/ folder, while it reboots, the file got copied and replaced with the most recent version. - at least while you upgrade it does work ( if you put the .tar file remote.conf and dtb.img ) there. I think (assume) it should also work like this with only dtb.

    Also in first post - its possible to do this by ssh and SD-Card


    If you forgot to use a new device tree or used wrong one and your device doesn't boot:

    • don't panic!
    • if booting from SD/USB, simply connect SD/USB to your computer, download a proper device tree, rename it to dtb.img and place on SD/USB
    • if booting from internal:
      1. Boot this build from SD card or USB with correct device tree.
      2. Login over SSH and execute dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/dtb bs=256k count=1 then dd if=/flash/dtb.img of=/dev/dtb bs=256k
      3. Power off, remove SD/USB, boot from internal.

    Btw, just noticed i cannot use the new DTB (for S905) with old version kzaq, at least here on my KII Pro - if i do this, i loose remote.conf - and tried a tons of settings it was not possible to make remote work.

    It looks they replaced only processor, all other specifications is unchanged. Now only difference between KII Pro and KI Pro is in speed of wired ethernet. KI Pro has 1G and KII Pro only 100M. I don't understand reason to release new version. On Gearbest KI Pro is cheaper.

    Isn't K1 pro also with DDR4 Memory instead of DDR3 ? ... what about the new device ? will it have ddr3 or 4 ??

    btw i also have an S912 ( bbq pro ) device and its little bit faster - maybe because of RAM.

    To bad the S912 bbq pro with 32 gb while on libreelec i loose half of storage space while in nand install - and don't know how to fix it ...

    Huum, 8.1.9 is working fine here - with K2 Pro !!, but i was playing around with another k2 unit i got ... and just tried out AlexElec fork 2.32 - in SDCard.

    I just notice he TVH is much newer then this one, also on his version - i can have Bouquets running with ... and scan for my DVB-S2 70w and also DVB-C NetHD - in Brazil was much easy and fine.

    Its anything related to his dtb tree or because his TVH build ?

    Can we update TVH to newer one or its really related to Libreelec build ( i didn´t tried yet play around with dtb from one to the other )

    I'm not sure if its really an issue, but doesn't matter if its 8.2 or 8.0.2 builds ... the TVH for me KII Pro - always fails with the pre-defined muxes for Brazil 70W DVB-S/2 (StaroneC2/C4).

    If i choose this to scan it fails and no channel is on list after full scan. I had to manual change settings, give the first freq, and details create the network and start scan - so i got the data from SAT.

    Looks like ok so far .. everything is working for me ...

    I'm not sure if DVB-T faces the same issues as i Have with DVB-S/2.

    But i cannot use pre-defined muxes from TVH for my DVB-S/2 70W Starone C2 (In Brazil) , i add it by hand the first freq and all other details, and let the scan do this for me. so it works.

    If not wrong, the DVB-C is the same, the pre definied muxes in TVH always return error, even if signal is ok. you have to do it by hand.

    Give it a try

    If you guys can wait a bit more, I'm planning to use Nougat kernel with improvements from johngalt for LE 8.2 builds. But at this point I can't give you an ETA, lots of real-life things to sort out first. ;)

    WoW, it looks nice ... even if on my KII pro its working fine with 8.0.2e just fine ... its always good to receive backports and improvements from newer builds ... offcourse we will wait for you

    Well, just for fun ... not sure if it was already posted here before.

    K1 Plus and Also KII Pro - does also have great firmware mod at XDA ( for Android )

    [ROM] Custom firmware for KII Pro DVB-S2/T2 | Android Stick & Console Computers
    This is for KII Pro - DVB-S2/T2

    [ROM] Custom firmware for K1 Plus DVB-S2/T2 | Android Stick & Console Computers
    This is for K1 Plus - DVB-S2/T2

    Also at least for KII Pro, it was said that with TWRP Recovery ( posted there ) you can easy install the Wetek Play 2 firmware and it works - ... a kind of OOBE

    So this device getts much better now. Sure i will grab a unit for me :D

    Hi @ygor.almeida,
    if you mean K1 Plus with DVB S2/T2 or K2 pro with DVB S2/T2-- Yes, DVB-C work with build from this thread. Read carefully post #1
    Videostrong write something in description, but enginers not want to make Android App to work with DVB-C :D

    Hi kokovi4, wow, thanks for that update .. i will get a K2 Pro unit. To use With DVB-S2 and C !!!

    Hope new Mecool unit also get the same support as the other ones too.

    Btw, you are the first one to help me on this, i've asked directly in videostrong email, and other sources, and no one could tell me that.

    Today i found out a comment at CNX-Software blog, about DVB-C support on AceMax Brand of the almost same hardware.

    This one is for S912, have no idea if the APK does also works With S905/X


    New DTV Apk with improvments and DVB-C support here
    th_dtv.AVL6862.20170502.145839.apk - pCloud

    you need to manually insert QAM frequencies … they automatic scanning isn’t gave me good results … but once set each freq manual mode and then scan them all channels were detected and working just fine.
    From @ovi at CNX-Software

    Hi Guys,

    Does any one tested Those Hybrid ( DVB-S2/T2 ) units with a cable system (DVB-C).

    I asked because even if it says DVB-T2 - these are exactly the same specs as DVB-C ... so, any chance to work with it ?

    VideoStrong says there is a DVB-S2/C combo unit, exactly what i'm looking for, but cannot find out anywhere listed like this.

    Will LibreElec work on this ??

    DVB-T2 system standard:ETSIEN 302 755Support MPLPDemodulation: QPSK,16QAM,64QAM or 256QAMForward error correction rate 1/2,2/3,3/4,3/5,5/6Guard interval :1/4,19/256,1/8,19/128,1/16,1/32,1/128Bandwith: 6/7/8MHzInput Frange range:54--860MHz Input Impedance:75 ΩInput Signal level: -84 dBm to 0 dBm (average power)ANT. Connector:IEC TYPE, female