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    Hi there,

    I got a RPi3B+ installed with latest Leia 9.0.2, upgraded from 8.x.

    Since a few days, it repeatedly crashes during mundane operations, to the point it's nearly unusable. There's no under-voltage, over-temperature or full SD card that may cause unexplained issues.

    One of the latest occurred when I tried to use LibreELEC as a Bluetooth sink. I couldn't succeed in getting sound out of the LibreELEC before it crashes. Source was a Ubuntu laptop playing a non-DRM song through the web browser.

    Crashed around 2h45:

    I can also crash it very reliably browsing some film genres

    Crashed around 2h56:

    It also crashes idling (screen was frozen at 8h42, but may have crashed before that)

    Any idea what's going on?

    Anyway...without the log we can´t tell anything. The IPs shown in the log are only your internal IPs and should all start with "". So there´s generally no problem sharing them. The IP from my NAS is and you can´t do anything with that info ;)

    I was referring to the files themselves. I know one can't do much with an internal IP.

    The scan does show their full path and may fall under one of the rules about "forbidden content" :angel:

    CvH Now you point me to it… I may well have installed such a plugin. I'll keep the thread updated.

    Hi there,

    I have LibreELEC 8,2,5 running off RPi 3B+. Files are served over the wired LAN from a NAS through NFS protocol. I have set it up NOT to automatically update the libraries as I feel there isn't enough CPU power in the Pi for that and because the NAS is pretty noisy. Kodi is set up to automatically send WOL on access (so the NAS doesn't need to be started manually).

    However, around the same time every night (1:30), it starts a library scan, waking up the NAS in the process.

    Is there a hidden setting somewhere that would still allow for automatic scanning of library ?

    Any way to know which process is the culprit here? I set up Kod's log to "debug", so there's lots of files listed with full addresses…And the log is pretty large.

    Hi there,

    I have a few h265-encoded videos, and of course, the RPi 3 has a hard time playing them. Even though this is not recommended, I overclocked it a bit with the following parameters in /flash/config.txt:







    #force_turbo=1 #Voids Warranty! (uncomment to avoid CPU scaling down to 600Mhz)

    #boot_delay=1 #helps to avoid sdcard corruption when force_turbo is enabled.

    #sdram_freq=500 #uncomment to test. Works only with some boards.

    For testing purposes, I played one 1080p / hevc encoded movie in a loop, for hours. It didn't crash, but stutters frequently. I read somewhere that the CPU throttled down if the temperature goes above 80. Indeed, the CPU temperature is very high

    vcgencmd measure_temp command returns anywhere from 80 to 84.9'C during playback.

    The RPi 3 currently sits in the aluminum Flirc Kodi case.

    How would I install additional cooling to avoid throttling while playing h265 files?

    Hi there,

    I had a RPi3 upgraded from LE 8.2.3 all the way to 8.2.5, on the same SD card. Since the 8.2.5 upgrade, I noticed this version appears less stable than the previous one.

    For example, it tends to freeze more often while browsing movies. Only a hard restart solves it.

    Sometimes, the TV screen displays a large violet rectangle, Kodi's interface disappears. Same solution.

    At other times, it struggles to play a 720p movie: stutters, loses audio-video synchronization. A soft restart usually solves the issue.

    And the "Watched" list in the "Movies" pane isn't updated anymore, though the "watched" status is correctly remembered.

    The automatic library refresh systematically kicks in at the most inconvenient time, waking up the NAS in the middle of the night.

    The combined uptime is about 60 days, CPU temperature is a rather reasonable 65C. I first thought about SD card corruption, but LE system is mounted read-only to avoid corruption during power outages.

    Has anyone noticed such an instability before?

    I noticed some people did experience issues indexing files, even starting from scratch on a blank SD card. It was usually resolved by re-imaging the SD card.

    What could be causing my issue after what looks to be a short uptime?

    It worked.

    Detailed procedure:

    Activate SSH access on LibreELEC

    SSD formatted under Ubuntu is plugged in.

    From Linux / Mac OS X, log in as root with SSH password.

    type mount to see the mount point of the external disk (in my case that was /dev/sda1)


    1. chown -R root:root /dev/sda1

    (no need for sudo as we're already root)

    Hi there,

    I want to expand LibreELEC's storage by adding an external drive to it. I tried formatting it in ext4 on Ubuntu, then plugging it into LE, but it doesn't seem to be able to write to it. I bet this is a permissions issue.

    On the other hand, I have another external drive formatted as NTFS that does work, read-write.

    What is the proper way to format an external drive for use on LE, or directly using LE itself?

    Hi there,

    I have the latest stable LibreELEC version 8.2.5 running on an RPi 3. I often use it with the iPhone app as a remote, but would rather use the Bluetooth keyboard because I prefer having physical keys. It's a Zoweetek keyboard-trackpad combo.

    Problem is, is takes a very long time to wake up from sleep state (about 30 seconds), at least compared to my Apple Magic keyboard (1 to 2 seconds at most). Timeout occurs after 10 mins. Since it doesn't seem to have an adjustable timeout period, I'd like to know if there would be a way for LibreELEC to periodically "ping" the keyboard so as to keep it awake. I don't mind the increased power consumption as it uses rechargeable batteries.


    Hi there,

    I have the latest version of LibreELEC running on RPi3. I started from a clean install, then restored the backup from the original RPi B+ it was running on previously, Of course a few addons were incompatible and LibreELEC on RPi3 properly detected so.

    However, I'm not sure when, but Kodi stopped updating the "Recently viewed" list a while ago.

    Was it a built-in function of Kodi, or a plugin that left this orphaned folder hanging at the top of the "Movies" pane?

    Hi there,

    I am currently trying to find a way to extend the Mac's desktop (best) or simply duplicate what's on it (good) to a LibreELEC running on a RPi B. I can't use the HDMI cable to connect the Mac and the TV since the MiniDisplay port is broken. So far I found a decent plugin for Firefox, but it only works with Youtube and other big-names video websites.

    An overview of what I have on hand:


    VLC on both computers

    AirParrot2, trial version.

    SwitchResX 4.7.0, trial version

    I wouldn't mind the price of any of those if it worked.


    Nokia N8, has a DLNA receiver and an HDMI output, capable of 720p. Runs latest version of Symbian Belle.

    MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8

    MacBook running Mac OS X 10.11.6

    I already know AirPlay on Kodi only supports audio, not video, and surely not casting a Mac's screen.

    The goal is to avoid the purchase of any hardware, be it Chromecast, EZcast or Apple TV. I have a strong preference for open-source software, but don't mind a fair price for shareware.

    Naively I thought someone may have found an app for Mac that would cast the screen by emulating a video stream that would be sent to Kodi on port 8080?

    How would I cast what's on my Mac's screen or better yet, extend the desktop on the TV?

    Hello to the community,

    when a movie or other media sits on a NFS elsewhere on a LAN, would there be a plugin that would allow for easy caching files on a locally-connected hard drive? I know this was a feature of a now-discontinued media box (can't remember the name)

    Intended usage: small LibreELEC box, source media sitting on big, fat HDDs in a NAS. Get a few movies and bring the LibreELEC box to a friend's house without moving the NAS.

    I know one can manually copy files to local storage, but this requires going back and forth between the media view and the raw list view, which is not practical. Would there be such a plugin?

    Hi there,

    I have quite a few data-filled DVDs. I connected an external DVD drive to the RPi, powered it, inserted a DVD filled with movies. But it doesn't appear, not even in the file browser in the rightmost, bottom tile in the parameters.

    Where do data DVDs actually mount in LibreELEC?

    I tested the overclcok with two different power supplies, a generic USB charger rated at 1A, and a Samsung USB charger rated at 2A. I plugged a USB voltage / intensity monitor and measured without load, and with the Pi. The generic showed a large voltage dip when under load, but the Samsung charger increased from about 5.01V to [email protected] How is this charger property called?

    I still don't get why the measured current so much greater when the Pi runs off 5.23V than from 4.65V.

    Since then, I overclocked to 950MHz, no issues except a high pitched hiss coming from the TV speakers that changes when I select a different movie. Don't know how to solve it.

    Playing a large movie stored on the SD card, CPU temperature shoots to 68º, the RPi B sitting in an enclosure with no special cooling enhancement.